Nate Landwehr Beats David Onama By Majority Decision In Wild War At UFC On ESPN 41

Nate Landwehr emerged victorious by majority decision against David Onama tonight at UFC On ESPN 41 in one of the wildest fights of the year so far.

Round One:

Jab lands for Onama. Low kick for Landwehr. Jab again for Onama. Now Landwehr throws his jab. Leg kick for him.

Right hand for Landwehr. Kick from Onama. Straight right from Onama. Snapping jab continues to land for Onama.

Nice right hook from Onama and a couple more punches behind it before backing off. Another right hand for him.

Onama goes back to the jab and then lands a right hook that puts Landwehr down, though he’s quickly back up. Landwehr has significant swelling to his left cheek.

Thunderous left hand from Onama floors Landwehr hard, but somehow he’s still conscious. Onama opts to keep the fight down and looks for a finish. However, Landwehr is able to scramble on top.

Landwehr back up now and looking to get some payback. Onama gets in close and tries for a takedown against the cage without success.

Landwehr marching forward now. Onama threatens with a right hand. Landwehr into the clinch and lands a solid knee.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Landwehr is blocked. Leg kick for Landwehr. Straight right lands for Onama. Good right hand from Landwehr. One-two from Onama, but Landwehr fires back and looks fresh.

They clinch against the cage. Onama tries for a trip takedown and it fails. Now it’s Landwehr who drags him to the mat. Onama stands back up but Landwehr stays clinched up and lands a punch then drops down looking for a submission. Onama able to scramble away from that and gets upright.

Landwehr brings him back down again and tries to set up a rear-naked choke. Onama able to get on top though and stands, but he looks very tired.

They exchange punches. Landwehr looking for another takedown and gets it. he tries for an anaconda choke, but again Onama slips out. He’s exhausted though and Landwehr gets on top and is looking for ground and pound.

Guillotine choke attempt from Landwehr and Onama gets free and looks to attack. He’s got no gas left in the tank though. Landwehr on the other hand certainly does and he brings him down again and looks for strikes. Onama gives up his back.

Landwehr with ground and pound now. He gets full mount but he too is starting to slow down and so he doesn’t go all out for a finish in the final few seconds.

Round Three:

left hook for Landwehr. Jab from Onama. Now right hand from Landwehr. Onama with a punch, but then Landwehr lands a heavy right. he goes into the clinch. Landwehr with a knee and Onama slumps to the mat, more from exhaustion than anything else. Landwehr doesn’t follow him down, instead backing away and gestures to the crowd, who cheer for him.

Back to striking range. Landwehr able to get him down again and Landwehr motions to the crowd again as he walks off.

Striking range again and Onama lands a hard punch that gets Landwehr’s attention. He barrels forward landing more punches. He can’t keep up that pace though and Landwehr clinches and lands a knee.

Another clinch. As they break away Landwehr throws a head kick. Now a big punch from Onama. Landwehr with a big strike and Onama falls to the mat again. Landwehr follows him down, but not much happens and they stand back up with Landwehr revving up the crowd yet again.

Onama trying to get something going in the final seconds of the round. He lands a heavy blow and Landwehr staggers backwards hurt. Onama trying for the finish here, but there’s not enough time and Landwehr is too tough to go out like that. we’re headed to the scorecards.


Crazy fight then from start to finish. Onama had Landwehr rocked both early and late on in the fight, but he couldn’t finish him and inbetween times Landwehr was draining every ounce of energy he had by pushing a frenetic pace on the feet and the mat while also catching him in multiple submission attempts.

In the end one judge sees the fight as a draw, while the other two see it in Landwehr’s favor, handing him a majority decision victory (28-28, 29-27 x2).

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