Nazim Sadykhov Submits Terrance McKinney In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 49

Nazim Sadykhov had to defend himself in the opening round when Terrence McKinney took his back on the mat, but when the roles were reversed early in the second round he made the most of it to secure a rear-naked choke submission victory.

Round One:

Low kick for Sadykhov as McKinney was seeking out a punch. McKinney moves in for a takedown attempt, but Sadykhov defends it. McKinney still working for this against the cage though and gets Sadykhov down at the second attempt.

McKinney has Sadykhov’s back and locks in the body triangle. He’s looking for the rear-naked choke, but Sadykhov is defending for now as we pass halfway through the opening round.

Eventually Sadykhov starts to walk the cage in an attempt to improve his position, but nothing doing. Sadykhov now starting to work on an escape here and does well to turn into McKinney to get on top.

They go back upright in the closing stages of the 1st round and Sadykhov lands a couple of punches before they clinch up.

Round Two:

Punch lands for Sadykhov. He goes for a spinning kick to the body but misses. Now an overhand lands for him and McKinney tries for a kick.

McKinney in on a takedown but doesn’t get it. McKinney still working for it though and they scramble, but its Sadykhov who gets on top and takes McKinney’s back. He sinks in the rear-naked choke and McKinney’s left arm is trapped behind him, meaning he can’t defend this and so he’s forced to tap out with his other hand at the 1.07min mark of the second round.

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