Neil Magny Beats Li Jingliang By Unanimous Decision At UFC 248

Neil Magny was on top form for his return to the Octagon at UFC 248 tonight, dominating Li Jingliang to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Magny presses forward to start, but Jingliang lands a leg kick. Magny pumps out the jab. He lands one cleanly. Clubbing overhand from Jingliang.

Low kick for Magny and then a punch over the top from Jingliang. Jingliang into the clinch now and takes Magny’s back then after some effort is able to drag im down for a few seconds.

Magny back up and then Jingliang catches him with a big shot. Magny might be in trouble here and Jingliang lands a few more blows, but then Magny is able to bring Jingliang to the mat. Good work by him.

Magny isn’t able to keep him down however and Jingliang moves back up and is looking for a takedown against the cage. Magny able to reverse the position and then goes back to striking range.

Back into the clinch goes Magny. he lands a big knee to the body, but then Jingliang reverses the clinch position and lands a solid takedown.

However, Magny is able to kick him off and get back to his feet now. Jabs for Magny and then solid knees to the body. Clean jab scores again. Another lands.

Round Two:

Big jab for Magny to start the second round and then a flying knee attempt. Into the clinch against the cage they go and Jingliang takes control for now.

Now Magny reverses the position and attempts to take him down, but somehow Jingliang stays standing. Magny shunts to his back and lands a few uppercuts from behind.

Jingliang now reverses and is deep on a takedown attempt, but Magny does very well to defend that and then get back to the superior position, landing a big knee to the body and a hard shoulder strike.

The jockeying for position continues and then Magny lands a strong takedown. Jingliang standing back up quickly, but Magny is still in on him.

Jingliang reverses and then moves back to throw some punches. Magny quickly back into the clinchh again and now Jingliang trying for a takedown. Nice elbows from Magny as he defends this.

They separate and Magny lands a big knee upstairs. Now he’s jumping into one and then starts landing crisp punches. Great work from Magny here, whose striking seems to have improved since he last fought in the Octagon after a long layoff.

Jingliang getting tagged here and then Magny lands a takedown and is stepping into full mount as the round ends.

Round Three:

Chopping leg kick from Magny. Left hand for Jingliang. Jingliang wades in with punches, but eats a counter as he does so.

Left hand again for Jingliang. Winging strikes from him misse though. Jab lands for Magny. Another one lands solidly.

Again the jab for Magny. Jingliang’s strikes in return come up short. Good head movement from Jingliang to avoid more punches and then Magny ducks into a takedown attempt, but it doesn’t pay off and Jingliang goes into the clinch.

Jingliang able to get around to Magny’s back, but he’s able to break free, just missing a kick as he does so.

Nice jabs from Magny again. Leg kick for Jingliang, but then eats a few punches. Right hand for Jingliang. Low kick for Jingliang. Now a couple of straight lefts for him, but then Magny works into the clinchh.

Magny with a knee to the body. Jab for Magny. Now he’s back to the clinch work and lands a good trip takedown.

Magny working from half-guard. He lands a few good punches. Jingliang working to his knees and trying to stand, but Magny is keeping him partially down for now with 30 seconds remaining.

Punches for Magny. Now knees to the glutes and more offense as Jingliang gets back up, and that’s the end of the round.


Terrific performance from Magny then, looking better than ever as he fights his way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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