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Neil Magny Earns Decision Victory Over Carlos Condit At UFC 219

Neil Magny used his grappling skills to get the better of the returning Carlos Condit tonight at UFC 219 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Condit. Magny looks for one of his own. Punches and a head kick attempt from Condit, but nothing lands.

Magny grabs a kick and uses it to take Condit down. Condit looking for a potential submission off his back immediately as Magny stands over him. Magny opts to go down to the mat with him, but it’s not long before Condit is able to stand up against the cage.

Magny keeps Condit pressed up against the cage and lands some shoulder shrugs in close. He tries for the muay thai clinch, but that enables Condit to reverse him into the cage and soon after they separate.

Magny lands a counter punch. Condit targets the body and then goes upstairs with a kick that doesn’t connect. Punches from range for Magny.

Front kick to the body from Magny. Condit comes forward and lands a nice uppercut during a short flurry. Magny clips Condit with a right hook. Both men exchanging hooks now. Condit with a spinning kick to the body in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Body kick for Condit. Now a leg kick that Magny catches, but can’t do anything with. Magny staying busy and lands body kicks, then moves into the clinch and presses Condit against the cage.

Magny working hard for a takedown as Condit chips away with punches. Good balance from Condit to stuff the initial attempt, but Magny’s persistence pays off as he lands a takedown at the second time of asking.

Condit immediately looking for a leg lock, but there’s nothing doing for now and Magny settles into his full guard.

Condit gives up on another submission set-up and then manges to find a way back to his feet. He starts to press forward with more purpose now, letting his hands go and backing Magny up.

Again Condit plows forward with punches and then tries to clinch up against the cage. Magny is able to reverse the position and gradually works across the cage and lands a takedown. Condit almost immediately back up, but is taken down again and Magny ends the round on top with Condit looking for a potential submission that doesn’t come to fruition.

Round Three:

Condit with early kicks, but nothing much behind them. A few punches miss the mark. Another leg kick for COndit and Magny responds with punches.

Magny continually countering with punches as Condit goes for kicks. nice two-piece combo from Condit and then checks a kick.

One-two from Condit and then a knee that misses. Magny moves in close for the clinch and moves to Condit’s back. They soon break apart and Magny works a few punches to the body, then soon after lands one to the head.

Inside leg kicks from Condit and then gets in close and throws off some elbows inside. Condit lands to the body. Punches from range for Magny. Now a leg kick for him.

Spinning kick to the body for Condit. Leg kick and a punch behind it for ‘The Natural Born Killer’. Another spinning kick off punches from Condit doesn’t land meaningfully.

Urgency from Condit, but no end product here. Magny suddenly lands a takedown in the center of the cage. He’d like to ride out the final 30 seconds from here, but Condit does work to his feet again in the dying moments of the fight, but there’s not enough time left to get the finish he needs.


Composed performance from Magny then as he used his grappling advantage to stifle Condit, leading to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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