Neil Magny Submits Daniel Rodriguez In Final Round At UFC Fight Night 214

Neil Magny had to dig deep in the final round of his fight with Daniel Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 214 tonight after being hurt by punches, before rallying to get his opponent down and finish him with a d’arce choke.

Round One:

Straight left for Rodriguez. Now a body punch. Magny with a couple of front kicks to the body as he presses forward. Leg kicks exchanged.

Inside leg kick for Rodriguez. Rodriguez punching to the chest. Now a brief exchange of punches at close range.

Magny coming forward with a few punches and draws a little blood from the nose of his opponent. Rodriguez goes to the body again and now clinches up. They quickly break apart though.

Another clinch and Magny walks Rodriguez over to the cage. He lands a knee before they break away.

Magny checking a leg kick. an exchange of kicks now. Inside leg kick for Rodrigues and a one-two from Magny.

Another leg kick from Rodriguez. Magny with straight punches but his own mouth guard falls out and there’s a brief stoppage so he can retrieve it.

On the restart Rodriguez wades in with a few hard punches, but Magny gets him into the clinch and then shifts to the back. Magny brings Rodriguez down. Rodriguez stands, but Magny is still staying tight on him and breaks his base to get him back to one knee again.

Magny getting a hook in and forcing Rodriguez to sit. Rodriguez still able to stand again and soon after Magny disengages from the clinch, landing an elbow in the process. Final seconds of the round and Rodriguez presses forward thowing heavy punches that have Magny in reverse gear as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Magny pressing the action in the early stages of the second round, but then Rodriguez lands a nice left hand.

Jab from Magny and Rodriguez lands a good one-two. Rodriguez working the jab and landing to the body as he starts to find his rhythm on the feet, while Magny’s finding it more challenging to land in return.

Rodriguez shoves his way into the clinch against the cage. They break apart. left hand from Rodriguez, but then one in return from Magny.

Magny into the clinch and lands a knee to the body before breaking away. Hard straight left from Rodriguez. Jab from Magny as his opponent moves into range.

Magny able to clinch up and shunts around to his back and stays like that against the cage until the end of the round.

Round Three:

Body punches from Rodriguez. Magny with kicks to the body. Magny a bit busier with punches now and a kick.

Rodriguez unleashing now and blasts Magny with a couple of punches that seem to hurt him as he stumbles back awkwardly for a moment.

Now Magny opts to pull guard in the center of the Octagon. Rodriguez inside his guard and landing a few punches, but then opts to back out and stand back up.

Magny able to gets into the clinch, move around to the back and walk Rodriguez over to the cage. He’s able to get him down from there and is in a similar spot to late in the first round with one hook in while D-Rod is sat down.

Magny landing a few light punches and then moves into full mount. D-Rod turns to his back and stands, but Magny dumps him back to the mat.

Magny with both hooks in now as D-Rod is turtled on the mat. However, Rodriguez finds space tos tand back up. Magny bringing him back down and is straight on a d’arce choke. It’s locked in and D-Rod is forced to tap out at 3.33mins of the final round!

Big win from Magny there as he looked in danger earlier in the final round, but showed his veteran grit and skill to turn things around and end Rodriguez’s four-fight winning streak.

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