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Niko Price Finishes James Vick With First Round Upkick KO At Fight Night 161

Niko Price ended James Vick’s night early with a brutal first round upkick knockout tonight at UFC Fight Night 161.

Round One:

Hard right for Price to start. Now a hard leg kick for him too. Vick catches a knee attempt. Side kick for Vick.

Kick attempt from Vick and Price catches that and brings him down off it. Vick working hard to get back to his feet quickly, but Price stays on top for now.

Now they go back up, but only momentarily. Vick ends up on top and is landing some good groun and pound blows here.

However, then Price suddenly unleashes an upkick and it lands with the heel squarely to Vick’s face and all but knocks him out, with follow-up punches sealing the deal at 1.44mins of Rd1.

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