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Niko Price KO’s Tim Means Late In First Round At UFC Fight Night 146

Niko Price had to endure some big blows from Tim Means during the first round of their fight at UFC fight Night 146, but then a single right hook was enough to set about a knockout stoppage.

Round One:

Leg kick for Price and then misses with a left hook. Left connects for Price. Price with some hard straight punches that back Means up hurt.

However, Means quickly changes things up, slamming Price to the mat and working on top. Price is pressed uncomfortably against the cage as Means lands a face punches.

Side control for Means. Price working to get back up though and Means lands a knee that looked illegal, but the ref missed that and the action continues.

Leg kicks for Price. Means ducks under a missed punch trying for a takedown, but doesn’t get anyting from it. Means throwing an elbow.

Solid left hand connects to thte nose of Price as he tries to return fire. Price working punches, but gets bashed by a left hand. He gets aggressive again and another punch from Means punishes him.

Means is blasting Price with some brutal left hands here and he can’t take much more of this. However, suddenly Price launches a single right hook counter and it topples Means to the canvas, with a few follow-up punches on the mat being enough to seal an impressive knockout finish with only 10 seconds of the round remaining!

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