Omari Akhmedov defeats Abdul Razak Alhassan By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 109

Omari Akhmedov used his wrestling advantage to claim a split decision victory over Abdul Razak Alhassan tonight at UFC Fight Night 109.

Round One:

Akhmedov keeping his distance from the hard-hitting Alhassan to start. However, as Alhassan goes for a kick, Akhmedov times it and works for a takedown, landing it at the second attempt.

Akhmedov has Alhassan pressed up against the cage on the mat, but not for long as ‘Razor’ Alhassan gets back up.

Alhassan pressing forward again looking to get off some big strikes, but gets a little carried away and almost loses his balance while attempting a kick.

Another nicely timed takedown from ‘Wolverine’ gets Alhassan to the mat in the center of the Octagon. Akhmedov again unable to keep Razor down for long as he springs back to his feet.

Big kick for him, but it doesn’t find the target. Right hand lands to the temple for Alhassan. Now a right over the top from Akhmedov.

Elbow strike from Akhmedov misses as does an overhand from Razor. Solid leg kick for Alhassan. Another one now that doesn’t land as cleanly.

Spinning attack from Akhmedov doesn’t find the target. Nice jab from Akhmedov. Alhassan returns fire and suddenly they are both winging heavy leather, before resetting.

Another exchange at close range, but both men emerge relatively unscathed and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Alhassan is blocked. They trade at close range momentarily. Another missed head kick from Razor. Solid leg kick for Akhmedov.

Two piece combo for Razor lands, and then a couple of more strikes behind it. Akhmedov starting to get put under pressure here against the cage and eats a left hook and a straight, but wisely moves straight into a takedown and lands it.

As in the first round it’s only a matter of 10-15 seconds before Alhassan gets back up again. Nice punches from Akhmedov, but Alhassan is threatening too and so ‘Wolverine’ opts to bring his opponent down again.

Razor uses the cage to get back up. Hard right hand connects for Akhmedov. He takes a deep breath after that. Another right hand lands for Alhassan as Akhmedov moves in reverse close to the cage.

Yet again the takedown affords Akhmedov a breather. He lands a heavy elbow as he works from half guard. Akhmedov traps an arm and lands a few punches and grinds his elbow into his opponents face, then peppers his body with some shots for good measure as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Akhmedov. He catches Alhassan on the end of a straight right too. Alhassan stalking and then there’s a brief flurry with Akhmedov landing on the counter.

Akhmedov into the takedown attempt and lands it, but Alhassan is able to reverse and stand straight back up.

Quickly afterwards Razor lands a strong right hand, but Akhmedov takes it and tries for the takedown again, though this time it doesn’t pay off.

Another big punch for Alhassan and that hurt Akmedov who has shown a strong chin throughout the fight. Wolverine steels himself and scores another takedown and this time he manages to get to full mount with less than half the round to go.

Akhmedov taking his time, just landing some light shots from the advantageous position. However, after a minute or so of that Alhassan is able to power out of the mount and gets to his feet.

Final minute and Akhmedov presses Alhassan against the cage, just trying to stall the striker and wind down the clock here. That leads to an anti-climactic end to the fight and we’re heading to the judges for a decision.


Alhassan wasn’t able to find a quick finish tonight and Akhmedov wisely opted for frequent takedowns during the fight to wear down his opponent and rack up enough points to sway the judges in his favor by split decision (30-27 x2, 28-29).

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