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Oscar De La Hoya Blasts Back At Dana White For Criticizing Ortiz Vs Liddell Fight

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has blasted back at Dana White after the UFC president criticized him for putting on a fight between aging veterans Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell in addition to calling him a “cokehead” during a recent appearance on the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

“Dana is so small and threatened by our success with [streaming service DAZN] and now in MMA that he is bringing up news from a decade ago to try to stay relevant,” De La Hoya wrote in a statement. “Boxing has entirely rejected him. And MMA fighters are now realizing they don’t have to risk their lives just so he can get rich.

“Golden Boy and I are moving forward and are bigger than ever. Dana should shut the f*ck up and try to figure out how to save his own company.”

It remains to be seen if De La Hoya will continue to put on MMA fights however after suggestions that the trilogy fight between Ortiz and Liddell hadn’t captured the imagination of fans, leading to pay-per-view tickets being heavily discounted in the days leading up to the bout.

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