Ovince Saint Preux Submits Michal Oleksiejczuk With Another Von Flue Choke

Ovince Saint Preux survived an early storm of offense from Michal Oleksiejczuk tonight at UFC Fight Night 160 and then took his opponent down and submitted him with a von flue choke.

Round One:

Push kick from OSP. Oleksiejczuk pressing forward aggressively. He lands an overhand. Good knee for OSP. Barrage of blows from Oleksiejczuk has OSP covering up.

Body shots for Oleksiejczuk now. He’s keeping up a high aggressive tempo here. He lands another clean punch and OSP now opts to clinch up to slow things down a bit.

OSP working against the cage, but Oleksiejczuk manages to reverse the position and then manages to get a takedown.

Back up they go and Oleksiejczuk hammers him again with a big punch to the body. He moves away fro a moment and then another big body punch.

Now a left hand with OSP having his back against the cage. Another punch. Straight left to the head and then one to the body.

Relentless pressure from Oleksiejczuk. OSP backs up and then lands a punch. OSP strides forward with straight punches.

Reaching left hand from Oleksiejczuk. Body kick for OSP. Another rip to the body from Oleksiejczuk and then a clipping punch to the head.

Oleksiejczuk into the clinch against the cage now. OSP gradually walks his way from the cage, but they are still clinched up. As they finally separate OSP tries for a high kick.

Round Two:

Side kick to the body from OSP. Body kick from OSP. left hand from Oleksiejczuk. Again with the body kick from OSP.

Now a front kick to the body from Saint Preux. Oleksiejczuk clinches in the center of the octagon, but not for long. Straight left for Oleksiejczuk.

OSP with the collar tie and landing short punches. Straight left from Oleksiejczuk after they separate. Push kick for OSP.

Oleksiejczuk clinching up against the cage. OSP moves out from there and lands an elbow and a knee.

Now OSP works a takedown and is in half-guard with half the round remaining. OSP steps into side control working the von flue choke. Great job to set that up and it’s working! He’s choked him out with 2.46mins this fight is over!

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