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Ovince Saint Preux Submits Tyson Pedro In First Round At UFC Fight Night 132

Ovince Saint Preux racked up another impressive submission win against Tyson Pedro today at UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore after finding himself in trouble earlier in the first round.

Round One:

Body kick immediately from OSP, but partially caught by Pedro. Pedro with a question mark kick. Nice right hand for Pedro gets through. Now a head kick lands clean and then a right hand that hurts OSP nd he goes to the mat momentarily!

Pedro goes for a guillotine choke, but OSP stands up to it and manages to escape. Pedro lands a big elbow and continues to pressure from the clinch.

OSP with a throw, but Pedro is back up and pressing him against the cage. Pedro with the body lock and looks for the throw, but it’s a botched attempt and OSP ends up on top and is looking to isolate an arm.

He gives that up for now, but OSP is still thinking about a submission and grabs a hold of Pedro’s arm and starts using his strength and leverage to pull it free and work for an armbar. Pedro’s in real trouble here and with his limb exposed he’s forced to tap out quickly! Big comeback submission win for OSP here at 2.54mins of the first round.

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