Ovince St. Preux Taps Out Marcos Rogerio de Lima With Von Flue Choke At UFC Fight Night 108

Ovince St. Preux got back to winning ways tonight at UFC Fight Night 108 with a Von Flue Choke submission win over Marcos Rogerio de Lima.

Round One:

De Lima whiffs on a couple of kicks. He quickly starts to find his range though and lands a big leg kick and one to the body too.

Another kick to the body from De Lima. The same technique lands hard again. OSP will quickly be starting to feel those.

De Lima lands a leg kick, then misses on a few more as OSP offers little in return.

Push kick to the body from OSP and he pays for that as De Lima tags him with a left and right hand. Now De Lima goes upstairs with a kick.

Crowd trying to cheer on OSP, but he’s not got into his own game yet amidst all these kicks coming his way from the Brazilian.

Punch for De Lima. OSP lands a body kick. Another kick for De Lima. Both men lands punches in close. De Lima then sweeps OSP to the mat, but he’s right back up again.

OSP trying to get a little more aggressive for a moment, but then gets on his bike again to ride out the final few seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Jab lands for OSP to star the second, but De Lima lands a leg kick in response. OSP able to land a takedown off a kick now and that’s just what he needed to get back into this fight.

De Lima bleeding from cuts to both eyes as OSP starts to work some solid ground and pound. De Lima almost working up to his feet, but OSP pulls his legs to keep him grounded.

OSP in half-guard here and looks like he wants to pass, but then opts for a Von Flue choke submission attempt instead and it works a charm as De Lima suddenly taps out at the 2.11mins mark of the second round.

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