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Paige VanZant Vs Rachael Ostovich Result At UFC on ESPN+ 1

Round One:

Vanzant with an immediate punch combo followed by a kick. She looks for another combo, but Ostovich gets into the clinch an drives in for a takedown.

Nothing doing at the first attempt, but then she readjusts and plants VanZant on her her back. Working from half-guard for now, but PVZ soon brings her back to full guard.

Ostovich pressing her weight down into PVZ, but doesn’t do anything more and the ref eventually tells them to stand back up.

However, Ostovich simply lands a right hand and brings PVZ straight back down again in half guard. Ostovich working a choke, but she’s not in a position to finish it right now. PVZ logging down one of Ostovich’s legs to stop her passing.

Suddenly PVZ rolls for an ankle lock, but Ostovich moves back on top. VanZant again works for a heel hook, but Ostovich escapes and then secures a takedown herself before trying for the armbar as the round ends.

Round Two:

leg kick for PVZ. leg kick again, but ostovich counters with a hook this time. Leg kick for VanZant. Superman punch with PVZ and a counter for Ostovich.

PVZ presses forward, but Ostovich lands a takedown. Ostovich takes her back as PVZ stands, but then slips off and it’s VanZant who pounces on that opportunity and gets on top landing punches and scrambling to take her opponent’s back.

VanZant landing strikes and then nicely transitioning to an armbar attempt here, as Ostovich tries to defend and battle back to her feet with PVZ still latched on.

It looks like PVZ is going to slip off, but she hangs on for dear life and as Ostovich falls back to the mat the torque from the belly-down armbar is too much and she’s forced to tapout, handing VanZant a big submission victory at 1.50mins of Rd2.

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