Parker Porter Defeats Chase Sherman By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 29

Parker Porter was able to get the better of Chase Sherman by unanimous decision tonight at UFC On ESPN 29.

Round One:

Body kick for Porter. Jab from Sherman. Calf kick from Sherman now. Right hand gets through from Sherman as Porter was ducking in.

Calf kick from Sherman and Porter throws a flurry of punches. Porter steps into a big punch. Jab for sherman and then a nice right.

Another jab for Sherman. Grazing counter hook from him as Porter misses with a power punch. Porter trying to land something big, but Sherman uses good movement.

Right hand finally gets through for Porter. Now a big leg kick from Porter. Low kick from Sherman. Porter having some success with his leg kicks here.

Sherman with a leg kick that’s checked. Porter catches a kick and brings Sherman down. Porter into half-guard. He’s working for a keylock submission here, but Sherman gets free of that attempt.

Porter heavy on top here from half-guard. He lands a punch now. Final 30 seconds of the round. Porter grinding his elbow into his opponent as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Big punch from Porter to start the second round. Sherman lands as Porter is pressing forward. Leg kick from Sherman.

Another leg kick for Sherman. Porter lands over the top. Jab and then an oblique kick from Sherman. Porter lands a nice punch. Now an even bigger punch from Porter.

Body punch from Sherman. Now a leg kick and Porter retaliates with an inside low kick. Sherman works to the body with a punch again.

Grazing right hand from Porter. Right hand for Sherman and then a left. Right hand for Porter.

One-two from Sherman. He lands again and then Porter connects without too much power. Porter attempts a takedown and Sherman shakes it off.

low leg kick for Sherman. A couple of right hands get through from Porter as he lunges in. Porter attempting the takedown again and works for the clinch instead. Porter goes back down for the takedown and Sherman fights it off.

Porter winging punches as he marches forward. In close he lands a couple of punches. Left hand from Porter. Somewhat labored action though as they fight through the incoming fatigue.

Light punches from Sherman and Porter returns with one of his own. Another thudding calf kick from Sherman.

Porter lands a solid right hand and Sherman tries to let his hands go in response.

Round Three:

Two tired heavyweights now and we’ll see who can last out the better of the two.

Porter with a leg kick. Nice punch from Sherman, but Porter wades in with several punches of his own. He tries for a takedown, but doesn’t get it and they go back to striking range.

Solid body kick from Sherman and then a calf kick. Solid right for Porter. Porter walks into a stiff jab. sherman’s punches are labored here. calf kick from Sherman. Porter with a solid connection. He lands again. Counter left from Sherman.

left hand for Porter. Calf kick from Sherman and Porter drives into the clinch, though not for long.

Back in the center of the Octagon Sherman lets his hands go, but with a lack of energy. Then a quick punch does land for Sherman.

Porter misses and Sherman grazes him with a punch. Clean left and a right from Porter. Solid calf kick for Sherman.

Both men land punches. light one-two from sherman. Leg kick for Porter. Body punch from Porter. Overhand from Porter.

Front kick to the groin from Porter forces a stoppage and Sherman might be grateful to get a bit of a rest here.

A few a couple of minutes they get back to it. Kick to the knee from Sherman. A few punches get through for Porter and Sherman lands a few of his own in response. Solid connection for Porter. Porter with a couple of leg kicks. Sherman lands a calf kick.

Both men land a hook. Porter with a flurry in the final seconds of the round.


Porter seemed to do a better job of fighting through his tiredness here as he took the fight to Sherman more often than not with a high-volume approach and emerges with a unanimous decision victory for his troubles (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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