Paul Craig TKO’s Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua In 2nd Round At UFC 255

After their first meeting ended in a split draw last year, Paul Craig left no doubt tonight at UFC 255 with a second round TKO victory over Maurico ‘Shogun’ Rua.

Round One:

Craig with an inside leg kick to start. He tries for one upstairs too and then to the body as well.

Inside leg kick for Shogun. Body kick from Craig. Jumping front kick to the body from the Scottish fighter and another kick.

Big left hand lands for Shogun. Craig throws a punch upstairs, but it’s just to set up a takedown attempt and he gets it.

Craig in half guard and Shogun is scrambling to his knees. he stands with Craig working a front headlock and landing knees to the head.

Craig pulling him back to the mat and uses his butterfly hooks to roll on top . Shogun able to get back up soon after, but Craig stays close to him and lands another takedown close to the cage.

Craig has Shogun’s back, but then it’s the Brazilian who manages to reverse and get on top, securing half-guard.

Craig trying to sneak out as he grapevines one of Shogun’s legs with his own. Shogun keeping him mostly on his back for now though as they get into an awkward position close to the cage. Shogun able to secure top position and land a few ground and pound blows before the round ends.

Round Two:

Oblique kick for Craig. He goes to the leg again. Now a jab upstairs. Again to the oblique kick. Shogun lunges in with a jab.

Good left hook for Shogun. Front kick to the body for Craig. Solid jab for the Scot. Now a body kick and then back to the inside leg.

Solid one-two from Shogun as Craig was going for another kick. Craig immediately switches to working on a takedown against the cage. Shogun looking to defend, but Craig gets a single leg with a trip.

Shogun looking to stand, but Craig takes his back and gets his hooks in. However Shogun still manages to reverse and they quickly stand back up.

Craig straight back into the clinch against the cage. He takes his time and then manages to bring him down again.

Craig has his back and lands a few punches. Now he flattens him out and starts landing lefts and rights. Shogun just covering up now as the blows rain down and the Brazilian veteran appears to be tapping on the mat as the ref steps in to wave this one off. This fight is over at 3.36mins of the second round by TKO!

That’s undoubtedly the biggest win of Craig’s career, while questions will surely be asked now as to whether it’s time for Shogun to consider retirement after a disappointing display.

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