Paul Felder Defeats James Vick By Decision at UFC On ESPN 1

Paul Felder ufc

Paul Felder was able to get the better of the bigger, taller James Vick tonight at UFC On ESPN 1 via decision.

Round One:

Both fighters looking to find their range in the opening minute. VIck lands to the body and then a leg kick. knee from Vick and a counter punch from Felder.

Body kick for Vick. Now a leg kick. Inside leg kick for Felder. Low kick for Vick. Felder looking to step in with the left hand.

One-two from VIck. Now a nice kick. Spinning back elbow from Felder. Leg kicks for Vick. Hard leg kicks for Felder. Vick misses with a head kick.

Right hand gets through from Vick. Low leg kicks from Felder. Side kick to the body from VIck. Felder connects with a two-piece combo.

Knee strike from Vick. Leg kick from Felder. Body kick for VIck. Another leg kick landed low from Felder. Now he clinches up with the body lock and marches him to the cage.

Felder steps away. Vick with a front kick to the body. Right hand for Felder. Now a spinning backfist that doesn’t land. Another punch scores for Felder and sends Vick stumbling backwards to end the round strong.

Round Two:

Vick acknowledged inbetween rounds that the calf kicks have hurt him. Let’s see if Felder persists with that. he starts with a spinning backfist that doesn’t quite land.

Felder with punches to the head. Vick gets a hold of his opponent’s neck for a moment, but Felder gets out. Vick clinches him up against the cage though.

He tries for a knee upstairs. Felder tries to get away, but Vick keeps him there. Felder turns the clinch around and gets free.

Solid one-two for Vick. Now a low leg kick. Calf kick for Felder. Exchange of punches in close and Felder gets the better of it with a god right.

Rangey right hand for Vick. Vick with a combo and a spinning elbow for Felder. Vick back into the clinch against the cage.

Spinning back kick to the body from Vick. Felder comes stocking forward, but Vick threatens with a flying knee. One-two from Felder.

He goes for it again, but isn’t quite landing cleanly due to reaching to get in range. Push kick from Felder.

Wheel kick from Felder doesn’t pay off towards the end of the round.

Round Three:

Front kick upstairs from Vick that doesn’t connect. Felder lands to the calf with a kick. Spinning back kick lands clean for Felder.

Knee from Vick but Felder comes back with punches. Vick also firing off and Felder clinches up to take the steam out of it.

They separate and Felder lands the calf kick again which leaves Vick limping. Knee strike to the body from Vick, but eats a punch at the same time.

Vick runs forward with punches and a right gets through. Vick loading up on the right hand, but Felder avoids them.

Vick getting a bit reckless and is caught by a counter left that leaves him unstable on his injured leg.

Crunching straight right from Vick. He gets into the clinch against the cage. Vick backs out. Punches from Vick. VIck looking for a step-in knee as Felder throws a spinning back elbow.

Felder into the clinch now. VIck reverses the position. Felder breaks free. Body kick for Vick. Now a kick to the body. Felder opts to clinch up, but Vick reverses again and lands a final knee.


A competitive fight, but Felder seemed to have the edge, with his calf kicks in particular paying dividends and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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