Pedro Munhoz Beats Chris Gutierrez By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 44

Pedro Munhoz ended Chris Gutierrez’s eight-fight unbeaten run tonight at UFC On ESPN 44 and got back to winning ways himself by way of unanimous decision.

Round One:

Body kick for Munhoz. Leg kick for Gutierrez and then another. He lands a jab.

Big straight punch from Munhoz drops Gutierrez! He survives though and Munhoz settles into his full guard.

Munhoz tries to posture up and has to avoid Gutierrez’s upkicks. Gutierrez trying to nullify his opponent’s offense, but Munhoz does let a few ground-and-pound strikes go.

again Munhoz postures up and looks to punch, then moves to improve his position. He’s thinking about a submission attempt, but Gutierrez gets enough space to stand back up.

Munhoz still clinched up to his back though as they work up against the cage. Munhoz drops down possibly looking for a leg lock but nothing doing and he gets back up.

Striking range now. Gutierrez with a punch. Munhoz comes forward and Gutierrez threatens with a spinning backfist. Gutierrez also lands a spinning kick to the body in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Hard leg kick for Munhoz. He misses with a wide hook. Now a solid calf kick from Gutierrez. Body kick from Gutierrez but now much power behind it as he’s being put on the back foot.

Jab for Gutierrez. Now a leg kick. Munhoz lands a push kick to the body. They both land leg kicks now. Another from Munhoz is checked.

Munhoz lands a leg kick again. Gutierrez with one and lands a counter hook. Leg kicks to the inside and outside from Munhoz.

Inside leg kick from Gutierrez. Leg kick for Gutierrez and then a head kick attempt that misses. More low kicks from Munhoz.

Wheel kick attempt from Munhoz misses. Back to chopping the leg he goes. Calf kick for Gutierrez. Now a jab from him. Crowd getting a bit restless here with neither man connecting with much other than their low kicks in this round.

Round Three:

Body kick for Gutierrez and Munhoz throws one too. Inside calf kick from Gutierrez. Munhoz lands a solid straight right cleanly.

Body kick for Gutierrez. Now a low kick. left hand for Gutierrez. Calf kick for Munhoz. Now a body kick from him.

Another calf kick from Gutierrez. Right hand for him. Missed spinning body kick from Munhoz. Leg kick from Gutierrez.

Grazing jab from Gutierrez. Spinning backfist attempt. Low kick for Munhoz. Jab for him. Low kick for Gutierrez.

Punch and a low kick from Munhoz. They exchange low kicks. They trade leg kicks again. Gutierrez attempted a head kick but it didn’t really work out.

left hand from Gutierrez. Inside low kick for Gutierrez. Left hand from Munhoz. jab from Gutierrez and Munhoz catches him with a punch.

Knee to the body from Gutierrez. Munhoz lunges for a takedown but misses the legs. Spinning backfist from Gutierrez whistles over his opponents head.

Gutierrez trying for something but falls to the mat and Munhoz gets on top just as the fight is coming to an end.


This one seems fairly clear cut with Munhoz dropping his opponent in the first round and applying constant pressure for the remainder of the fight to earn himself a clean sweep on the judges scorecards (30-27 x3).

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