Petr Yan Defeats John Dodson By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 3

Petr Yan proved he is the real deal in Prague at UFC On ESPN+ 3 this evening with a convincing decision victory over John Dodson.

Round One:

Dodson charges forward to start firing off punches without landing too much cleanly. Missed leg kick from Yan.

Dodson again with a short flurry coming forward. Dodson rushes in and lands a series of punches to the body in close. Leg kick from Yan.

Body kick attempt from Yan, but Dodson catches it and takes him down, but soon lets him back up.

Huge right hand for Yan. He lands another right hand and Dodson looks a little concerned here. Dodson looking to get the fight to the mat again, but they go back to striking soon enough.

Yan stalking Dodson again. He lands an overhand right. Flying knee to the body from Yan, but then Dodson gets the body lock and has Yan up against the cage.

Yan breaks free and tries to land a punch, but it doesn’t pay off. Missed front kick to the body from Dodson and he eats a series of punches for his troubles.

Dodson getting caught more than we’re used to seeing at this stage in the fight. Right and a left hand connect for Yan. Yan in the clinch now and lands a knee to the upper body.

Dodson moves away. Yan lands a right hand. He tries for a knee. Yan misses with a winging hook.

Round Two:

Body punch for Yan and Dodson goes for a flurry of punches in response. In close Dodson lands short punches to the body and head.

Leg kick for Yan as he backs Dodson up against the cage. Superman punch from Dodson. Right hand for Yan. Dodson trying for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Body kick for Yan. That crunching right hand lands again for Yan. He loads up on it again, but not quite on target this time.

Kick for Dodson. Now he lands a big left and floors Yan! Yan seems ok though and gets back up soon and strides forward with purpose.

Yan lands the big right hand again. Yan is fired up now and lands a three-piece combo and then a kick.

Body punches for Dodson. They scramble for a moment. Yan with a solid body kick. Right hand comes up short from Yan, but he gets home with the left.

Yan lands to the body. Backs Dodson up. Lands to the body and then the head, then a knee. Dodson in some real danger here. yan a little reckless, but exteremely dangerous.

Another thunderous right hand for Yan and he wants another knee. Dodson survives to the end of the round though.

Round Three:

Dodson looks for punches, but Yan gets his head out of the way. Yan looking to load up on the right hand. Yan swinging for the fences and only just missing.

Jab lands for Yan and then a right hand lands, but not with big power. Light left hooks from Dodson. Left hand for Yan and then he scrambles well to stop Dodson getting a takedown.

Straight right down the pipe from Yan. He connects with the left but Dodson gets out of the way before the right hand comes behind it.

Yan tries for a flying knee and just gets underneath that as his opponent flies overhead.

Dodson working a takedown, but then Yan pops straight back up. Yan clinching up against the cage and lands a knee upstairs. Another punch connects from him. Brilliant takedown defense from Yan as he stuffs Dodson’s attempt and then takes his back.

Dodson standing back up. Yan tried for the takedown, but Dodson was grabbing the cage to prevent it. The ref doesn’t punish him for that though.

Left hand connects for Yan. Now Yan is getting Dodson to the mat and landing a series of ground and pound blows to the turled up Dodson in the final seconds of the round.


Impressive stuff from Yan here then, dominating Dodson in the striking battle and looking strong from the clinch and with his takedown defense on his way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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