Rafa Garcia Dominates Clay Guida To Win Decision At UFC On ESPN 44

Rafa Garcia dictated the striking battle with Clay Guida tonight at UFC on ESPN 44 on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Guida lands a punch. Leg kick for Garcia. In close both are looking to brawl. Leg kick for Garcia.

Right hook lands for Guida. He misses on an overhand attempt. Leg kick for Garcia.

Both men throwing with good volume, but a fair amount of these punches aren’t finding the mark.

Leg kick for Garcia. Glancing punches from Guida. Nice straight right for Garcia. Garcia works the jab repeatedly as Guida tries to come forward.

Garcia works to the body. Guida tries to do likewise. Leg kick for Guida. He lands a jab. Jab for Garcia.

The jab is really paying off for Garcia as he lands cleanly several times before the round ends.

Round Two:

Big uppercut from Garcia after feeling out with the jab. Now a nice elbow at close range. Leg kick for Guida.

They clinch up and Garcia lands another elbow. Guida with straight punches but struggling to get through the defensive guard there, so settles for a leg kick.

Right hook for Guida. One-two for Garcia and then another jab. More jabs for him and then Guida finally tries for a takedown and it’s stuffed.

Garcia back to the jab work and Guida is bleeding from a cut to the left eye. Lazer-accurate jab from Garcia.

Every time Guida tries to get into closer range Garcia sticks him with that solid jab. Body punch for him now.

Jab and then a right hand for Garcia. Guida continually trying to pressure, but he’s just marching into trouble and doesn’t seem to be able to change things up. Garcia lands a grazing right hand too before the end of the round.

Round Three:

A couple of leg kicks for Garcia. Guida attempts a head kick and then goes into a takedown attempt, but Garcia shrugs it off.

One-two for Garcia. A couple of punches and a kick from Guida now. Garcia offers up a similar combo now. Garcia loads up on an elbow attempt.

Jabs for Garcia and a right hand. Garcia with rapid-fire left and right hands. Guida attempts another head kick that’s blocked.

Nice combo from Garcia punctuated by a final right hand. Now an uppercut. Nice right hand. Head kick attempt is blocked.

Hard left hand connects for Garcia. Garcia driving forward now and presses Guida up against the cage and looking for a takedown.

Nothing doing and they go back to striking range. Final 10 seconds. Garcia attempts a flying knee but misses.


No doubts about the winner here then with Garcia finding a home for his jab right the way through the fight as he controlled the action and earned himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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