Rafael Fiziev Beats Marc Diakiese By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 30

Rafael Fiziev showed his impressive technical striking tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 30 during a unanimous decision victory over Mark Diakiese.

Round One:

Leg kick for Diakiese to start. Another chopping low kick for Diakiese that stumbles Fiziev.

Spinning kick to the head from Diakiese just goes whizzing past the retreating Fiziev. Now a hard body kick from Fiziev and clinches Diakiese up against the cage.

Takedown from Fiziev that Diakiese almost manages to reverse. Diakiese quickly trying to improve his position from his back here, but Fiziev is able to shut that down for now.

Diakiese able to stand back up again. Powerful body kick from Fiziev and then moves in with punches and knees.

Front kick to the body from Fiziev. Now a body kick. Front kick to the face from Diakiese. Another punishing body kick from Fiziev.

Inside leg kick from Diakiese but then crisp punches in return from Fiziev. Diakiese trying for a takedown, but Fiziev stuffs that and gets on top himself. Half guard from Fiziev.

Final minute of the round and Diakiese is bleeding from the nose. Diakiese back up to his feet. Another brutal body kick from Fiziev and a punch on the counter from Diakiese. Body punch from Diakiese and Fiziev returns fire.

Round Two:

High body kick from Fiziev comes off the arm of Diakiese, who counters with a punch. Inside leg kick from Diakiese. Now a good body punch.

Jab for Diakiese. Clipping left hook from Fiziev. Front kick from Diakiese just misses as Fiziev ducks backwards.

leg kick from Diakiese. Hard kick from Fiziev. Inside leg kick from Fiziev and then a one-two to the head. Another inside leg kick.

Right hand from Diakiese and then misses with the left. Low leg kick from Diakiese. Knee to the body from Fiziev in close.

Hard leg kick from Fiziev. Now a body kick. A leg kick lands. A backfist lands too! Low inside kick from Diakiese.

Right hand from Fiziev. Diakiese goes into the clinch against the cage. Hard knee to the body from him and then Fiziev pushes him away.

Leg kick counter from Fiziev as Diakiese tries for a punch. Good body punch from Diakiese and then one upstairs.

Solid kick to the thigh from Fiziev. left hook only partially lands for Diakiese. Body punch from Fiziev. Now a body kick, but not as hard as before. However, then he lands hard with a body kick to the other side. Diakiese blasts to the midsection with a punch before the round ends.

Round Three:

Body kick for Fiziev. Fiziev unleashing big punches and Diakiese looking to match him. Another hard-hitting combo from Fiziev.

Leg kick for Fiziev and then a nice counter punch shortly afterwards. Leg kick and then a body kick for him. Body punch from Diakiese. Body kick for Fiziev.

Low leg kick for Diakiese. Now a body punch. Fiziev with a flurry of blows to the body and now works into the clinch, but Diakiese gets away.

Good body punch from Diakiese. Takedown attempt from Fiziev is shrugged off. Spinning back kick to the body from Diakiese. Diakiese trying for a takedown, but Fiziev stops it and lands a body kick.

Inside leg kick for Fiziev. Now a leg kick. Body punch from Diakiese. Powerful right hand from Diakiese stops Fiziev in his tracks just for a moment. Diakiese follows it up, but Fiziev seems ok.

Another hard right hand lands for Diakiese. Now a left hook. Two body punhes from Fiziev. Body kick. Now a left hook that just misses. jab to the body from Diakiese. Spinning wheel kick attempt from Diakiese, but it’s blocked.

Good spinning backfist from Fiziev. Jumping knee from Diakiese . Punches from Diakiese just short. Spnning kick to the body from Fiziev as the round ends.


Hard-hitting fight here and Fiziev gave a very good account of himself en-route to a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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