Randa Markos And Marina Rodriguez Fight To Majority Draw At UFC Fight Night 137

Randa Markos dominated the first round of her fight with Marina Rodriguez on the mat tonight at UFC Fight Night 137, but eventually had to settle for a majority draw verdict after her opponent rallied on the feet in the second and third round.

Round One:

Markos with a short flurry of straight punches to start the fight. Right hand from Rodriguez and then presses Markos up against the cage.

They jockey for position against the cage and Markos manages to execute a takedown. Taking her time she then moves to full mount. Rodriguez tries to shake her off, but Markos stays locked on and smothers the Brazilian.

Again Rodriguez tries to buck her off and Markos blasts her with a few strikes, then opts to move to side control. Rodriguez puts her in half guard, but it’s not long before Markos moves back into full mount. Rodriguez gets her back to half guard soon after though.

Markos easily back to side control. Final minute of the round. Couple of knees to the side of her opponent. Markos grinding her elbow into Rodriguez face as she tries hard to escape to no avail.

Round Two:

Rodriguez misses with a front kick. series of right hands from the clinch by Markos. Rodriguez lands a knee as they break free. Leg kick for Rodriguez.

Uppercuts landing again for Markos in close. Leg kick for Rodriguez. she tries for punches and gets caught by an elbow from Markos. Leg kicks for Rodriguez.

Right hand for Rodriguez. Another leg kick and Markos tries to counter with punches. Front kick to the face from Rodriguez just misses. she lands a right hand.

Jab for Markos. Leg kicks for Rodriguez. Markos charges forward with punches and then pressing Rodriguez against the cage. Rodriguez pushes her away and gets to striking range though.

Soon after Markos works into the clinch again and pushes her to the cage, but again Rodriguez escapes.

Rodriguez landing a leg kick and then punches upstairs. Strike lands for Markos. Exchange of strikes from the clinch.

No sign of a takedown this round from Markos which is surprising given her success last round. Rodriguez finding a home for her strikes, but then Markos lands from close range with a punch and elbow. Rodriguez pressures hard though and lands a punch over the top.

Round Three:

Markos into the clinch early in the third round. She pressures Rodriguez and tries for the throw, but Rodriguez ends up taking her back as they fall and she has to abandon the attempt and stand back up. Rodriguez landing again. She lands a nice front kick to the face.

Markos trying for the takedown and doesn’t get it. soon after Rodriguez marches forward looking for strikes and Markos counters with a takedown and this time lands it. That’s a big moment for her.

Markos in half guard close to the cage. Patiently she secures the position and then improve to side control. Rodriguez wall walks nicely though and is able to roll and escape back to her feet.

Leg kick for Rodriguez. Markos ducks a punch and tries for the takedown, but it’s stuffed this time. leg kicks for Rodriguez again. Markos swoops into the takedown and Rodriguez steps aside.

Jab lands for Markos. Leg kicks for Rodriguez. One-two for her. Push kick fo Rodriguez. Markos landing hooks as the round comes to an end.


Close fight then and the judges see it even closer, declaring the fight to be a majority draw after one judge sees it for Markos and the other two see it as a tie. (29-28, 28-28 x2).

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