Randy Brown Defeats Francisco Trinaldo By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 211

Randy Brown picked up his fourth win in a row tonight at UFC Fight Night 211 with a unanimous decision victory over Francisco Trinaldo.

Round One:

Trinaldo with an early inside leg kick. Side kick from Brown. He lands a punch to the body. Calf kick for Brown now.

Brown presses forward throwing a kick to the body. Trinaldo with a leg kick. Brown pumps out the jab and then lands a body kick.

Jab for Brown as he uses his huge reach to his advantage. Leg kick for Brown. Trinaldo with a punch to the body.

Inside leg kick for Trinaldo knocks Brown off-balance for a moment.

Huge right hand from Brown staggers Trinaldo backwards onto the canvas, but he gets back up quickly and seems ok.

Side kick to the knee from Brown. Trinaldo with a couple of big punches as he drives forward into the clinch against the cage. Brown grabbed the cage there to stay upright, but the ref lets the action continue.

They break away and Trinaldo goes for a takedown and is looking to set up an armbar submission. Brown scrambles and gets out.

Now it’s Brown who is working for a guillotine choke though he doesn’t have much time to work for it and he’s still battling with it as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body for Brown. Inside leg kick for Trinaldo and then misses on an overhand attempt. Nice jab for Brown. Now that front kick to the midsection again.

Kick for Trinaldo. Brown peppers him with the jab. Good left hand over the top from Trinaldo. Calf kick for him.

Jab from Brown lands solidly. Trinaldo thhreatens with a knee. Head kick attempt from Brown is blocked. Jab for Brown, low leg kick from Trinaldo.

Trinaldo with a flurry to the body and then goes up top with a punch. Left hand scores for Trinaldo.

Brown with a straight punch and then a knee upstairs. Head kick attempt from Trinaldo. Now it’s Brown who tries for his kick upstairs, but it’s blocked too.

Good overhand left from Trinaldo. Nice uppercut from Brown. Brown steps into a knee. Trinaldo firing off his left hand, but Brown just avoiding those.

Oblique kick for Brown. Brown rips to the body and Trinaldo is looking to respond in kind.

Brown with a front kick and Trinaldo manages to spin around to his back and is clinching up close to the cage. Brown trying for a kimura and looks to sweep as they hit the mat just as the round ends.

Round Three:

Jab for Brown and Trinaldo is firing off his own left hand. Solid jab again for Brown. Trinaldo tries a head kick.

Right hand for Brown. Kick to the body from him. Big kick lands. Trinaldo lands a calf kick that drops Brown. trinaldo jumps into his full guard in the center of the Octagon.

Trinaldo landing punches to the ribs. Brown clinging onto is head and Trinaldo lands some light hammerfists to the head.

Now an elbow strike gets through for Trinaldo as he get a little space to work. Trinaldo passes to half-guard. He tries to go for side control, but Brown gets him back to full guard.

Brown gets his legs up looking to set up a submission, but Trinaldo adjusts to escape that and remains on top in the final seconds of the round.


Competitive fight here then, but Brown got the better of the striking in the first two rounds, including dropping his opponent with a clean right hand in the opening five minutes, while Trinaldo was able to kick his leg out from under him and secure top control for a substantial period in the third. Brown emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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