Randy Brown TKO’s Bryan Barberena In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 154

Randy Brown produced a late stoppage victory over Bryan Barberena tonight at UFC Fight Night 154.

Round One:

Oblique kick attempt from Brown to start. Body kick for Brown. Outside leg kick for Barberena. Leg kicks exchanged.

Body kick from Brown. Now a left hand for Brown, but misses his follow-up punches. He targets the body with a kick again. He goes for a high kick, but it’s short of the target.

Inside leg kick from Barberena. Solid body kicks for Brown. Another inside leg kick for Barberena and they are affecting Brown’s balance when they land.

Inside leg kick for Barberena again, but this time Brown retaliates with one of his own. Brown staying busy with strikes in this opening round. Spinning kick upstairs from him and it just misses.

Hard body kick for Barberena, but it’s caught and Brown drives him up against the cage. They seperate and Barberena kicks to the outside of the leg this time.

Body kick for Barberena. Overhand left from Barberena. High kick for Brown and then tries for a flying knee that doesn’t land. Brown clinching against the cage and Barberena landing light punches to the head in the mean time. Brown lands a couple of knees to his opponent’s leg.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick for Brown. Barberena picking up the pace now. They are talking to each other in there for a moment, but it seems good-natured.

Missed body kick from Brown and then Barberena moves into the clinch and presses him to the cage. Brown reverses the position though.

Knee strikes from Brown and those light shots to the head from Barberena until they separate. They are almost immediately back into the clinch though and jockeying for position against the cage.

Brown shunts to Barberena’s back. Not for long though. Short elbow from Barberena. Barberena gets the neck for a moment, but as Brown goes to the mat his head slips out. Brown back up with Barberena landing a knee.

Barberena with a collar-tie and landing some uppercuts here. Again a clinch battle against the cage and they both reverse each other. Elbow over the top from Brown as they separate.

Nice punch for Brown and a kick just misses. Body kicks for Barberena. He swings, but it’s a knee from Brown that lands and then back to the clinch work.

Agressive exchange and a final body kick from Barberena, but he slips and falls to the mat afterwards just as the horn sounds.

Round Three:

Barberena coming out with leg kicks. He lands a glancing uppercut now. Oblique kick for Brown. Barberena pressuring him. Nice work from Brown doubling up on the jab and then the straight behind it. Barberena works to the body and head now.

Elbow inside from Barberena. Hook from Brown staggers Barberena to the mat for a moment off-balance. Brown lands some crisp strikes as Barberena stays against the cage.

Barberena struggling now, perhaps winded by a front kick to the body. Hard one-two from Brown and then a big body blow that definitely hurts Barberena, though he comes back swinging.

Hard knee upstairs now has Barberena in more trouble and follow-up strikes to the head and another to the body finally sees him fall to the mat, and that’s it, Brown is your winner with an impressive third round finish with 2.54mins on the clock.

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