Renato Moicano Earns Decision Win Over Drew Dober At UFC Fight Night 235

Renato Moicano was able to utilize takedown and control on top to get the better of Drew Dober tonight at UFC Fight Night 235.

Round One:

Immediately exchange at close range with both landing and Dober threatening with a hook.

Dober gets into range and unleashhes more hooks. Body kick from Dober. Straight left for Dober. Nice right hand for Moicano, but then Dober looks to counter.

Moicano now switches things up and goes for the takedown, and is able to land it in the center of the Octagon. Moicano working in half-guard. Elbows to the thigh for Moicano and a few punches to the body as he looks to soften up his opponent while comfortably maintaining top control.

Dober gets him back to full guard. Now he’s trying to make a break for freedom, but Moicano adjusts and keeps him down. Right hand for Moicano, who moves back into half-guard.

Now Moicano trying to pass guard, but Dober is keeping him at bay for now with 45 seconds to go in the round. Body-head combo for him.

Round Two:

Dober marches forward with strikes, but comes up short. Moicano counters his aggression by landing another takedown away from the cage.

Moicano in half-guard as in the first round, but Dober gets him back to full guard and then kicks him off as he rises to his feet. Moicano pressing him into the cage though and then is able to work into another takedown.

Again Dober looking to kick him away, but Moicano avoids that and gets back to half-guard. Bit of a scramble now as he tries to get into full mount. Not quite able to do so for now though so settles back into half-guard.

Body-head combos for Moicano. Butterfly guard for Dober and tries to stand, but Moicano takes his back. Dober does well to turn into him and is ten able to scramble to his feet.

Moicano coming forward looking for the takedown again, but Dober does well to work a lateral drop counter to take his opponent down. Dober on top and Moicano is bleeding heavily from a nasty cut around the right eye that may have happened during the takedown. Dober dropping down some big bombs late in the round, but Moicano survives to the end of the round.

Round Three:

Dober swinging for the fences early in round three. Head kick attempt and then punches from him. He lands a body kick and narrowly avoids a clinch situation afterwards.

Leg kick for Dober. Now a right hook lands. Another punch connects and Moicano’s leg buckled a little from that. However, Moicano ends up on top on the mat after a failed lateral drop from Dober.

Moicano starting to land some nice ground-and-pound. Moicano trying to pass into full mount. He’s into 3/4 mount and is applying pressure, but Dober gets him back to full guard.

Approaching 90 seconds to go as Moicano lands a few punches from in his guard. Light punches to the body and then looks for the head. Dober trying to scramble away, but Moicano moves to half-guard.

Moicano into mount, but then back to half-guard. He’s happy to maintain this position now in the final seconds of the round and take this fight to the scorecards.


Moicano was able to utilize takedowns and top control to get the better of Drew Dober and earn himself a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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