Renato Moicano Submits Jai Herbert In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 190

Renato Moicano mounted Jai Herbert multiple times tonight at UFC Fight Night 190, and eventually rocked him with punches before finishing with a rear-naked choke submission.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Moicano and then Herbert responds with one of his own.

Takedown attempt from Moicano in the opening minute. He doesn’t get it at first but turns and then does bring him down.

Herbert able to work his way back up, only to be brought back down quickly. This is Moicano’s world and he shows it as he secures half-guard and then transitions nicely to side control.

Moicano opts to go back to half-guard and then attempts another transition to full-mount, but Herbert stops that.

Unfortunately for him, Moicano tries again to pass to full mount and this time he gets it. A couple of punches to the side of the head and then Herbert does well to get back to butterfly guard.

Herbert attempts to get his back against the cage, but Moicano follows him and moves back to that mount position, now with Herbert crushed uncomfortably up against the fence.

Very good work from Herbert to escape back to his feet and turn into the clinch. They separate and Herbert lands a nice combo, going to the body and then head.

Jab from Herbert. Final minute of the round. Hard left hook for herbert. Now a leg kick. Good change of levels from Moicano as he times the takedown and then moves yet again to full mount.

30 seconds to go and Moicano is landing some ground and pound, though without anything landing too hard just yet. Herbert get him back into half-guard and stays away from danger for the remaining seconds.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Herbert and Moicano immediately bursts into the clinch and then takes him down. Herbert almost escaping, but Moicano nicely stops that and gets to mount.

A few right hands land for Moicano. Herbert’s escapes from full mount are working very nicely in this fight and he does it again, but Moicano is still all over him.

Herbert stands and Moicano works to his back and pulls him back down. Herbert turns back into him, but finds himself having to try to escape from full mount again.

Moicano drops an elbow to the head. Herbert attempting to shrimp his way out of this mount again, but this time it doesn’t pay off. He tries again, partially gets it, but eats a few punches for his troubles and then Moicano immediately is in full mount for the umpteenth time in the bout.

This time Moicano rocks Herbert with a big punch and the ref almost stepped in to wave the fight off there. Herbert still hanging in there though, but is now getting swarmed on with more big punches.

Herbert gives up his back and Moicano seizes on it and immediately goes for a rear-naked choke, forcing a swift tap out from Herbert at 4.34mins of the second round.

Dominant win for Moicano then and that will be a big relief for him, having lost three of his previous four fights via strikes.

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