Ricardo Lamas Beats Bill Algeo By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 33

UFC veteran Ricardo Lamas had to dig deep to overcome newcomer Bill Algeo by unanimous decision tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 33.

Round One:

Algeo with an early leg kick. Right hand from Lamas. Nice body kick from Algeo. Good left hand from Algeo and a knee to the midsection, but then Lamas gets hold of his head and drags him to the mat.

Algeo back to his feet then dragged back down again, but then is up again and back to striking range.

Lamas letting his kicks and punches go now. Both men exchange the jab. Algeo pressing forward with strikes and into the clinch against the cage. Lamas reverses the position though. Now it’s Algeo who gets in control again, but then they separate.

Lamas with a body kick. Now trying for a head kick. Side kick to the body from lamas. Now a low kick. Front kick to the body. Back to the leg kick. Good versatility from him.

Algeo with his own leg kick now. Brief clinch. Front kick to the body from Algeo. Punch lands for Lamas and then a leg kick, followed by one in return from Algeo.

Uppercut from Lamas. Now a head kick attempt. LEft hook counter from Algeo. Jab for Lamas and then a low kick. Another punch from Lamas and for a second Algeo seemed to be a little stunned.

Low kick from Lamas knocks Algeo off-balance. Body kick for Algeo. Left hook from Algeo. Jumping front kick to the body from Lamas.

Algeo with a short flurry and a back kick for good measure. In close Algeo with a knee. Low kick for Lamas.

Algeo connects with a punch and that visibly seemed to take the wind out of Lamas’ sails. Algeo senses his opponent is hurt and presses forward with urgency looking to capitalize on it, but the round ends before he can really get going.

Round two:

Side kick from Lamas. head kick attempt from Algeo. Algeo again goes upstairs with the kick and lands a glancing blow this time.

Reaching right hand from Algeo connects. Lamas digs into a takedown attempt. he doesn’t get it at the first attempt, but then does drag him back onto the mat.

Algeo does well to get back to his feet. Right hand from Lamas. Jabs from Algeo and then a right. Elbow from Algeo too as Lamas tries to throw back.

Another flurry from Algeo as he comes forward aggressively. Lamas presses him up against the cage now. Algeo landing elbows to the shoulder. Lamas bleeding significantly from a cut to the face now.

Knee upstairs from Algeo. Lamas trying for a double-leg, but Algeo is landing elbows to the head as he does so and manages to stay upright.

Back to striking range. Head kick attempt from Lamas and then one to the otherside, but Algeo shrugs it off.

Lamas hurt by a big knee and goes into a hasty retreat to give himself time to clear the cobwebs. They go to ground briefly, but are quickly back up. Lamas back into the clinch. Algeo turns him into the cage.

Back to striking and Lamas lands a hard calf kick. Now a leg kick from Algeo. Hard right hand from Lamas. Kick upstairs from Lamas.

Round Three:

Head kick to both sides from Lamas to start the round. Algeo looking to kick too. Grazing right hand from Lamas. Now a leg kick.

Now it’s Algeo with the calf kick. Lamas just missing with a head kick and then a side kick behind it. Algeo with a calf kick.

Lamas digging deep trying to get a takedown now. Hard knee to the body from Lamas and then back to trying to work a takedown.

Very nice trip takedown from Lamas. He lands a good elbow from on top as Algeo connects with one of his own.

Algeo gives up his back as he gets to his knees. Nasty elbow strikes from Lamas. Algeo trying to scramble out of this, but Lamas staying on top. He lands a few hammerfists. Now punches with Algeo partially trapped. However, Algeo does manage to find a way back up.

Lamas able to drag Algeo back down. Knee to the body. A couple of punches to the head. Algeo stands and gets dumped to the mat again straight away.

Lamas now takes Algeo’s back fully and is putting his hooks in. Lamas almost into full mount, but then Algeo gives up his back again.

Algeo just trying to survive as Lamas gets full mount again and lands some big strikes until the end of the round.


Fun back-and-forth battle here then, but Lamas really turned up the heat in the final round and that’s helped him secure a unanimous decision victory (29-27 x3).

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