Ricardo Ramos Beats Bill Algeo By Decision At UFC Fight Night 188

Ricardo Ramos landed numerous takedowns on his way to a unanimous decision victory over Bill Algeo tonight at UFC Fight Night 188.

Round One:

Leg kick attempt from Ramos. Ramos just misses with a head kick. Algeo fires back with a bod kick.

Ramos goes for a takedown and gets Algeo down and then hops on his back as he stands back up. Ramos trying to get his hooks in and is working a potential rear-naked choke.

Algeo gets out of that and then gets back to striking range. Head kick attempt from Algeo, but looses his balance.

Jab from Algeo. Body kick from him. Body punch from Ramos. Crisp jab from Algeo. Now Ramos with his own jab. Kick to the body from Algeo.

Punches and a spinning kick to the body from Algeo. Jumping front kick to the body from Algeo. Hard punch from Ramos.

Body punch from Algeo as Ramos threw a kick to his midsection. Another kick to the body from Algeo and then a spinning one.

Ramos drives into a takedown and lands it, but Algeo is right back up. Ramos still clinched up though and does manage to take him down again.

Algeo on one knee and Ramos kicks the back of his leg then works onto his back. Ramos trying for the choke, but he slides off Algeo’s back.

Algeo looking to strike and then work his own takedown, but doesn’t succeed. He has one more go at it before the round ends, but only succeeds in falling to the mat himself.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Algeo. Superman punch for Ramos. Algeo presses forward trying to land punches and then lands a push kick.

Ramos with a body kick. Low leg kick for Algeo. Body kick for Ramos. Now an inside leg kick from him. Head kick from Ramos comes off the guard.

Right hand from Ramos. Brief clinch. Algeo with a low leg kick. Algeo with a jumping knee to the body. Ramos retaliates by landing a nice takedown.

Algeo scrambles to his knee and stands, but Ramos is working a standing choke here. Algeo gets out of that. Now Algeo lands a three-piece combo.

Hard leg kick from Ramos. Jab for Algeo. Jumping knee from Algeo. Solid right hand lands for him. Front kick to the body.

Jabs for Ramos. Outside leg kick from Algeo. Ramos with a punch to set up a clinch attempt. Ramos thought about a standing submission there, but then went for the clinch against the cage instead. Algeo reverse the position and breaks free.

Left hand for Ramos. Algeo with a head kick attempt that’s caught by Ramos. Leg kick for Algeo. Jab from Ramos. Left hook for Ramos.

Both men looking to exchange strikes, then Ramos goes back to the clinch. Ramos trying for a late takedown and does well to land it in the final 10 seconds.

Round Three:

Body punch and then one upstairs from Algeo, but misses on the kick behind it. He lands a jab. Ramos clinches up and gets Algeo to the mat, but only for a split second.

Right hand for Ramos. Now a body kick and a clipping left hook. Body punch from Algeo. Now a low leg kick for him.

Solid right hand for Algeo. Left hook from Ramos. Jab for Ramos. Punch to the body. Two leg kicks from Ramos and a spinning backfist from Algeo.

Spinning body kick to the body from Algeo. Both land the jab. Takedown attempt from Ramos is stuffed. Clean left hand for Ramos. Right hand lands on the coutner for Algeo.

Algeo punches and lands a flying knee to the body. Now they clinch up and jockey for position against the cage before going back to striking range.

Right hand for Ramos. Jumping kick to the body from Ramos and then continues to strike as Algeo is up against the cage. Now they clinch for a moment, then back to striking range.

jab for Ramos. Two punches to the body from Algeo. Right hand for Ramos. Harder left comes back from Algeo. Ramos with a body kick. Right hook for Algeo. Ramos in on another takedown, but doesn’t get it.

Ramos goes straight back into the clinch again and lands a trip takedown. Algeo quickly back up, but Ramos staying tight to him and brings him down again. algeo stands against the cage and gets back to striking range.

Kick to the body from Algeo. Spinning kick attempt from him. Algeo presses forward with more punches and a front kick, but it’s caught and that lets Ramos dump him to the mat just as the final horn sounds.


Algeo edged the striking action here, but Ramos was able to give a decent account of himself on the feet, while managing to land multiple takedowns throughout the fight, and that helps him win a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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