Rick Glenn Defeats Dennis Bermudez By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 133

Rick Glenn narrowly emerged with a split decision win over Dennis Bermudez tonight at UFC FIght Night 133.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Glenn. Now a couple of body kicks. Bermudez reaching in for an early takedown, but nothing doing.

Bermudez tries to lead with a knee to the body and then a punch over the top. Left hand for Bermudez. Body punch for him now.

Bermudez tries for a single leg, but has to let it go. Leg kick for Glenn. Left hand for him too. Body kick for Bermudez.

Front kick to the midsection for Glenn. Body kick and now a left hand. Another solid left connects for Glenn. Bermudez with a punch and then tries to work a takedown but is only successful in making Glenn lose his balance for a moment.

Glenn with a head kick that’s blocked, but does make Bermudez take a couple of backwards steps off-balance.

Bermudez targets the body. Bermudez into the clinch and hoists Glenn into the air for a moment, but is still unable to land the takedown and backs away for now.

Left hand gets through for Bermudez. Head kick attempt for Glenn. Left hooks for Bermudez. Another couple of head kicks threatening from Glenn.

Round Two:

Bermudez getting active in the early stages of round two working punches and a few kicks. Nice straight left for Glenn. He goes for a kick, but Bermudez uses that to get into a takedown and finally lands his first of the fight.

Bermudez opts to stand over Glenn and eventually drops a left hand to the head and then goes to the mat. He’s soon back up again though and trying to work back down, but Glenn manages to stand up.

Straight left for Glenn lands twice. Bermudez drives into a takedown and brings Glenn to the mat. Glenn able to kick him off and stand though.

Head movement from Bermudez ass he wades forward and targets the body with a punch. Kick from Glenn. Again Bermudez powers into a takedown and lands it. Elbow strikes from Glenn as he gets back up.

Nice straight lefts from Glenn. Lunging knee to the body from Bermudez. Glenn still working the left hand, but another well-timed takedown follows from Bermudez.

Upkick lands for Glenn as Bermudez stands over him. Bermudez working into his guard momentarily and then back to his feet as the round ends.

Round Three:

Right hand gets through for Bermudez. Now a left hand and left hook soon after. Bermudez wraps the body and then jumps up onto Glenn, but slides off and Glenn emerges on top. however he can’t hold the position and Bermudez gets back up.

Bermudez working for a takedown against the cage and lands it. Glenn briefly thinks a bout a leglock, but nothing doing. Back up they go and BErmudez fails on another takedown attempt.

Back to striking range and Glenn lands a knee. He drives into another takedown that’s mostly stuffed by Glenn. Body kick for Glenn.

Yet another takedown for Bermudez. He stands over Glenn. Short elbows from Glenn, but then a bombing one from Bermudez on top.

Glenn goes to his knees and gives up his back, but then rolls again to his side. Bermudez now settling into full guard again. He’s got a cut to his forehead.

Glenn tries to uses his legs to push him away, but Bermudez stays on him. However, Glenn does manage to get back to his feet soon after.

Kick from Glenn. Bermudez trying for a takedown, but Glenn roles and ends up on top. BErmudez continues driving though and starts to work on top and the two fighters scramble in the final seconds of the round.


Close fight, with Glenn edging out the striking action, while Bermudez landed multiple takedowns throughout the second and third rounds.

The judges have rendered their decision and they see it in Glenn’s favor by way of split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

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