Rob Font TKO’s Marlon Moraes In First Round At UFC Vegas 17

Rob Font stunned Marlon Moraes tonight at UFC Vegas 17 with big punches in the opening round that paved the way for a TKO finish via ground and pound.

Round One:

Body kicks from Moraes early and then a nice takedown in the center of the Octagon. Moraes in half guard, but Font gets some leverage and looks to reverse the position. Moraes responds by looking for a guillotine choke, but as he goes to his back he can’t get it and Font is on top.

They scramble back up to their feet and Moraes secures a second takedown. Moraes back into half guard and this time has Font close to the cage.

Font gets a foot on Moraes hip and his opponent goes back to his full guard briefly, then passes back to half-guard and soon after gets to side control.

However, Font manages to find space to get back to his feet. Moraes with a punch that backs up Font. now a spinning wheel kick that comes off the guard. Font lands a solid punch and Moraes seems a little dazed as he backs up. Now more hard, clean punches from Font and Moraes is definitely rocked. Big uppercut now and Moraes sinks to the canvas in real trouble.

Font gets on top and starts to land an elbow and power punches and it looks like Moraes is all but out, but it takes the ref a couple more punches before he rushes in to end the action. Very impressive TKO victory for Font at 3.47mins of the first round.

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