Robert Whittaker And Darren Till’s Bromance And Bout Agreement

Robert Whittaker has candidly admitted that he pulled out of a fight with Jared Cannonier recently because he was feeling ‘burnt out’, but it seems that his burgeoning bromance on social media with Darren Till has whetted his appetite for competing against the UK fighter in the Octagon.

“I think it’s great,” Whittaker told ESPN when asked about Till’s habit of bringing up a fight between them on Twitter. “Honestly, I think me and Darren could be mates because he seems like my sort of cat. I’m stoked. I think he’s a cool guy and I’m stoked to fight him. He’s one of the guys I can’t wait to punch on because I feel like, honestly, I feel like between me and him, punching on him will make us tighter, we’ll become better friends afterwards. That’s just the sort of guy I feel like he is and I think he gets it too. Then afterwards we’ll hit the beers, hopefully not too many, and see what happens.”

It still remains to be seen if the fight will actually go ahead, but keeping his new laid-back lifestyle in mind, Whittaker has an unusual idea of how the fight could become a reality.

“I really want to come to some sort of agreement with Darren, because I feel like he gets it, that we just don’t train at all. We just don’t train. We do like a catchweight at ‘95 and we just rock up. I love that and I’m sure he would too. We’re just dipping chips up until August and just get in there and light it up.”

As it turns out, Till is totally into the idea.

“I get it & I want the same thing,” Till responded upon hearing about Whittaker’s suggestion. “#Rob? #Dip?”

“Now that we aren’t cutting weight rob? @robwhittakermma Shall we just use the fight week time to our advantage, drink ? Dip ? And game ?
Might as well…”
Till continued.

“U in rob? @robwhittakermma.”

“How do we get this in writing @darrentill2,” Whittaker asked.

“I Darren Till, agree to a catchweight of 95-100kg for august 15th fight night dublin, and agree that after the fight we go chippn, dippn and drinking in Dublin… signed Darren Till,” Till replied.

Seems simple enough, not it’s just a matter of seeing if the UFC agrees, which might throw a spanner in the works as Dana White has recently gone on record as saying that even during the current pandemic he’s still not a fan of catchweight fights.

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