Robert Whittaker Beats Paulo Costa By Decision In UFC 298 Barnburner

Robert Whittaker emerged victorious over Paulo Costa by unanimous decision tonight at UFC 298 in a hard-fought, crowd-pleasing stand-up war.

Round One:

Calf kick for Whittaker to start. Now a jab from him, but Costa responds with one of his own.

Another calf kick for Whittaker. Now a low kick from Costa. Very quick head kick from Costa is just blocked in time.

Whittaker really working the calf kick to good effect here early, even as Costa tries to check it. Costa threatening again with a head kick, and while it’s blocked that’s a dangerous weapon.

Low kick from Whittaker. Inside leg kick from Costa. Step-in jab for Whittaker. He lands another jab as Costa tries to come into range. Jab for Costa. Blitz of punches from Whittaker. Low kick for Costa. Whittaker returns fire with one if his own.

Whittaker goes to the body and then head with punches. Both throw a few missed punches, but costa does land a couple of punches to the body.

Short blitz of punches again for Whittaker. Side kick to the body for Whittaker. Spinning wheel kick from Costa lands and Whittaker is dazed and reels backwards but doesn’t go down and throws punches in response as the round ends. He has a big red welt on his right cheek where that kick landed.

Round Two:

Double-jab for Whittaker. Now a calf kick. jab for Costa. Quick jabs from Whittaker. Another jab from him. Now an inside leg kick. calf kick for Costa.

Head kick attempt from Costa is blocked. Push kick to the body from Costa. Now a jab. Nice lead left from Whittaker. Now a body kick from Whittaker grazes Costa’s head, but he just sticks his tongue out at him in response. Jab from Costa.

Calf kick from Whittaker. Jab for Costa. Whittaker bleeding from the nose. Costa with a kick to the body. A thumb poke to the eye from Costa forces a brief stoppage but Whittaker is ok to continue quickly.

Low kick from Whittaker. Now a left hook. Whittaker lands again. Costa tries for a head kick that’s blocked. jab for Costa. Low kick from him. Nice follow-up jab from Whittaker.

Whittaker lands that jab again. Now another thudding calf kick. Heavy one-two from Whittaker snaps Costa’s head back. Low kicks from Whittaker.

Another one-two from Whittaker and then a further straight left behind it. calf kick from Costa knocks Whittaker off-balance a little for a moment.

Missed head kick from Costa. He lands a jab. Head kick again from Costa that’s caught. Calf kick for Whittaker. Now a double-jab from him.

Glancing body kick from Whittaker. Another narrowly missing head kick from Costa. Whittaker ducks under a punch and lands a couple of punches. another punch from him.

calf kick for Costa. Whittaker with his calf kick now. Great fight so far with both fighters giving their all.

Round Three:

Costa with a right hand. Jab from Whittaker. Now a low kick. Costa with a body punch. Nice left hook from Whittaker as he steps into range.

Clash of leg kicks there. jab for Whittaker. Now the calf kick again. Thudding calf kick for Costa. Right hook from Whittaker after crashing the distance. Low kick for Costa.

Costa whiffs on a left hook. Uppercut from Whittaker but a hard knee to the body from Costa. left hook for Costa.

Step in left from Whittaker. Another good punch for Whittaker. Costa looks for a kick and Whittaker with a quick one-two. Costa motioning for them to meet in the center and trade.

Calf kick for Whittaker. Body kick for Costa. jab and a low kick for Costa. Low kick for Costa. jab from Whittaker.

Lead left hook for Whittaker. Now a solid jab. Calf kick lands. Front kick to the body from Costa. Now a jab from him.

Light double-jab from Whittaker. Jab for Costa. Stepping jab connects for Whittaker. Costa only just misses with a spinning heel kick.

Right hand lands for Whittaker. Jab and a low kick from whittaker and Costa seemed to limp just for a split second. Left hand lands for Whittaker.

Brief flurry from Whittaker but not much of a connection. Solid low kick for Whittaker. Good jab for Whittaker as Costa comes forward.

Whittaker sticks and moves again. left hand again for Whittaker. Costa with a head kick attempt that’s blocked and Whittaker tries for a takedown off that, but doesn’t get it, and we’re headed to the judges.


Great fight with both men throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other. Whittaker showed a great chin to survive a big wheel kick from Costa late in the opening round and he was able to outland his opponent that followed to seal a hard-earned unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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