Sam Alvey Defeats Gian Villante By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 131

Sam Alvey just edged out Gian Villante by split decision at UFC Fight Night 131 tonight in Utica, New York.

Round One:

Villante goes for a body kick and Alvey catches it. Nice counter right from Alvey as Villante steps into range.

Alvey continuing to work on the counter and flashes the right hand out again. Villante with a series of low kicks and then one upstairs.

Another leg kick for Villante. Now Alvey goes for one of his own. Right hand for Villante and Alvey stumbles a little, but seems ok.

both men throw a punch at the same time. Villante connects with a nice punch and steps out of range immediately afterwards.

Solid leg kick for VIllante. Now one to the body. He goes upstairs with it, but it’s blocked. Back to the leg kick again. VIllante winning the volume battle here as he works from range.

Leg kick goes astray to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Leg kick for Alvey. A few punches exchanged in close don’t land. Punch lands for Alvey on the counter.

Final stages of the round and Alvey suddenly lands a huge left overhand that drops Villante. Villante back up and Alvey is going all out for the finish, throwing everything at his opponent, but Villante survives to hear the bell.

Round Two:

Low leg kick for Alvey. He launches into a big straight left, but Villante is just out of range. Another low kick for Alvey. Villante tries a head kick that’s blocked. Another one wings over Alvey’s head.

Right hand counter from Villante after a low kick from Alvey. Body kick for Villante. Left hand grazes Villante’s face.

Both men land a right hook at the same time, with Alvey’s landing a little cleaner. Left hand for Alvey. Body kick from Villante, but it’s almost caught.

Clubbing right hand and a left hand behind it connects for Villante. They exchange punches and Villante lands a big left in there.

Head kick attempt misses for Villante. Four punch barrage from Alvey scores. Clipping overhand left from Villante.

VIllante steps in to land a left and then backs away before Alvey can react.

Alvey tries to launch into another big attack to end the round, but doesn’t hurt Villante like he did in the closing stages of the first stanza.

Round Three:

Grazing right hand for Villante as Alvey was looking for a kick. Solid body kick for VIllante. Misses with the head kick.

Alvey just short with a one-two. Soon after he goes back to that combo and lands it. Left hook gets through for Villante.

Bak to the body kick for Villante now. Jab for Villante. Body kick again. Left hook and a right hand for Villante. head kick blocked.

Straight right blasts Alvey as they exchange toe-to-toe briefly. Head kick blocked from Villante. Alvey wants to unleash again in the final seconds of the round, but this time Villante wisely opts to quickly clinch up to stifle his heavy hands.


Villante consistently appeared to land more offense throughout this fight, and although Alvey had big end to round one with the more damaging blows of the contest, it’s a little surprising to see him emerge with a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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