Santiago Ponzinibbio KO’s Neil Magny In Round Four At UFC Fight Night 140

Santiago Ponzinibbio completely dominated Neil Magny tonight at UFC Fight Night 140, and while brutal leg kicks threatened to finish the fight, it was a right hand in the fourth round that finally knocked him out.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Buenes Aires!

Hesitant leg kick from Magny. Pozninibbio closing the distance quickly, putting Magny with his back to the cage. Ponzinibbio throwing some early punches. Magny wincing from his right eye and seems unhappy but it wasn’t an eye poke so the fight continues.

Ponzinnibio continuing to pressure and Magny is very uncomfortable here and has his right hand up protecting that eye.

Magny fires off a kick. Ponzinibbio lands a good punch again. Magny starting to settle a bit though. Ponznibbio tags him with a solid right hand.

Magny with a punch and a kick behind it. He pushes forward, getting his back of the cage. Not for long tough as Ponzinibbio starts to stalk him again.

Ponznibbio looks for a kick and Magny lands a punch at the same time that knocks him off-balance but didn’t seem to hurt.

Left hand gets through for Ponzinibbio. Now a leg kick. He steps into a right hand. Magny circling against the cage to get out of danger here.

Magny throwing out a push kick to try and get space. That doesn’t put off Ponzinibbio however as he presses in for the final seconds of the round and lands a big right hand that again hurts Magny and has him covering up.

Round Two:

Right hand for magny to start the round. He’s letting his straight punches go here as he looks to work his way back into this fight.

Big leg kick for Ponzinibbio sweeps Magny off his feet. He stands up throwing a body kick though, but is soon back to circling on the outside. Ponznibbio with a body punch.

Another big leg kick takes Magny off his feet again. Pozninibbio lets him stand back up. He starts to work the jab. Almost a clash of heads there.

Magny with the rangey right hand. One-two for him. Ponzinibbio has a cut above his left eye from an earlier headbutt and that forces a stoppage for the doctor to check on it.

They get back to it and Ponzinibbio lands a right hand to Magny’s earlier damaged eye. Another leg kick drops Magny on his butt for the third time in the round.

Magny with his back against the cage using a push kick again to get distance. He gets to the center of the cage again and Ponzinibbio lands the jab.

Magny reaching for a takedown, but Ponzinibbio brushes that aside and motions for him to stand again. Magny soon back to the cage. A big jab wobbles Magny slightly. Ponzinibbio pawing at the cut to his eye as the round ends, but still very much in control of the fight.

Round Three:

Jab for Magny and then a leg kick. Magny pumping out the jab rapidly. Ponzinibbio still light on his feet though and starts to back him up.

Overhand right for Magny. leg kick for Ponznibbio. Good left hand now. Jab connects for Ponzinibbio and Magny backs up a little. A leg kick connects and Magny’s leg buckles.

Punches from Ponzinibbio as Magny covers up momentarily against the cage. Leg kick for Magny. Good one-two for Ponzinibbio. Magny finds the center of the Octagon but not for long as Ponzinibbio slams home another leg kick that has him hopping on his other leg for a moment.

jab for Ponzinibbio. Push kick for Magny. Leg kick now. They exchange jabs.

Round Four:

Magny back to working the jab to start and then lands a left hand. Ponzinibbio firing out his own jab. The big leg kick conects for him and again Magny is dropped from it.

Magny tries for a takedown, but fails and has to pick himself back up off the mat. Magny with his back to the cage and he gets dropped by another leg kick.

Back up he comes again. It’s not longer before he’s down again from another leg kick. This time Magny is very slow to get back to his feet and the ref Herb Dean tells him he needs to fight back.

Ponzinibbio still patient. He throws some power punches that bounce of Magny’s gloves. Ponzinibbio lands to the leg again and Magny hops on one leg, but stays upright.

Magny hanging on by his fingertips here, but then Ponzinibbio blasts him with a single right hand to the jaw that knocks Magny out, sending him toppling face first onto the mat unconscious with 2.36mins of the fourth round gone.

Impressively dominant performance by Ponzinibbio against a well-established opponent and that takes his current unbeaten run to seven fights.

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