Sean O’Malley KO’s Thomas Almeida In Final Round At UFC 260

Sean O’Malley was in fine form tonight at UFC 260 against Thomas Almeida and capped off his performance with a big knockout finish in the final round.

Round One:

Side kick to the leg from O’Malley and then punches behind it. Front kick to the body from O’Malley. He lands a leg kick just as Almeida was winding up to throw.

O’Malley with a jab as Almeida lands his first leg kick. O’Malley with a hard leg kick of his own though.

Body kick from O’Malley. One-two for Almeida. Spinning body kick landed clean from O’Malley. Slick stuff.

Big left hand gets through for Almeida. left lands for O’Malley. Body kick for O’Malley that’s almost caught.

Hard leg kick for O’Malley. Now a front kick to the body. inside calf kick from Almeida.

Huge head kick for O’Malley and Almeida is stunned and wobbled, but somehow still standing. O’Malley lands a left hand and Almeida drops to the mat.

O’Malley thinks the fight might be over, but Almeida is still in there and stands back up. O’Malley throws a spinning kick upstairs. He lands again, but Almeida is regaining his bearings.

The pace lulls a little as O’Malley opts not to go all out for a finish. Head kick partially lands for O’Malley. He starts to pick up the pace again, but he needs to be careful as Almeida is still out there swinging too.

Round Two:

Jab for O’Malley. Front kick to the body for him. left hook and another straight punch for O’Malley. Almeida returns fire. Solid leg kick for O’Malley.

Body kick from Almeida. Spinning head kick attempted by O’Malley. Leg kick from Almeida knocks O’Malley off-balance to the mat.

Another low kick for Almeida. Body punch from O’Malley. leg kick for Almeida. Another stepping punch to the body from O’Malley. Now a side kick to the leg from him.

Again a side kick to the leg from O’Malley. Now a solid punch lands. leg kick from Almeida. Stepping left hand from O’Malley. Now front kicks to the body.

Spinning kick from Almeida misses. Another front kick to the body for O’Malley. Almeida swinging hard, but only lands a glancing blow.

Body kick for Almeida. He misses a leg kick. Clean jab for O’Malley and then fires out a left. Two leg kicks from Almeida as O’Malley was trying to land punches upstairs.

O’Malley attempts a big knee upstairs, but falls to the mat from it. Almeida lands a punch as he stands over him. Hard leg kick from Almeida to the grounded O’Malley as the round ends.

Round Three:

Side kick to the leg from O’Malley. Now a solid front kick to the body. O’Malley makes Almeida miss a leg kick and then lands a punishing one of his own that disrupted his opponent’s balance.

stamping side kick to the knee from O’Malley. Body kick from Almeida. Good right hook for O’Malley. Now another heavy leg kick and avoids one coming in return.

Jab for O’Malley. Front kick to the body. Spinning kick to the mdisection. Hard straight right gets through the guard. Left hook for Almeida.

Front kick to the body again for O’Malley. Leg kick for Almeida. At close range O’Malley lands a knee to the body.

Nice jabs from O’Malley to keep his opponent at bay. He lands the jab three more times. Leg kick for Almeida. O’Malley throws a spinning backfist and kick in response but misses. The stomp to the knee again from O’Malley. Now a right hand.

Almeida off-balance on a spinning kick. O’Malley lands a left hand in close that drops Almeida to the canvas. The fight’s not over and this time O’Malley seals the deal as he stands over Almeida and drops down with a bombing right hand that KO’s him at 3.52mins of the final round.

Impressive stuff from O’Malley who looked sharp all night and had Almeida in trouble several times over the course of the fight before the brutal finale.

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