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Sean O’Malley TKO’s Raulian Paiva In First Round At UFC 269

Sean O’Malley added to his already impressive highlight-reel tonight at UFC 269 with a big first round TKO victory over Raulian Paiva.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from O’Malley to start. He goes for it again and Paiva tries to grab it. Now Paiva attempts to drive into a takedown, but nothing doing.

Oblique kick from Paiva. Now a jab. He lands it again then a body kick and Paiva just misses with a counter punch. Paiva says he was hit to the groin though and that forces a quick stoppage.

They get back to it and Paiva lands a kick. Paiva lands the calf kick. O’Malley back to that front kick to the midsection and Paiva counters with a punch.

Nice straight left for O’Malley. Body kick for Paiva. Now an inside leg kick for him. Calf kick as he steps into range. Body kick for O’Malley, leg kick for Paiva and then goes to it again.

Jab for O’Malley and then threatens with the left hand. Jab lands again. Grazing right hand from Paiva. Left hand for O’Malley and then a fast right too.

Overhand right from O’Malley rocks Paiva! He follows up with a barrage of hooks and then a big uppercut. Another hook hurts Paiva and sinks him to the canvas.

Paiva struggles back to his feet but is in real trouble as O’Malley continues to work, ripping to the body and then back upstairs with more punches that slumps Paiva to the mat for a big TKO finish at 4.42mins of the first round.

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