Sean O’Malley vs. Pedro Munhoz Declared No-Contest After An Eyepoke

Sean O’Malley’s UFC 276 main-card opening fight with Pedro Munhoz was declared a no-contest tonight after Munhoz suffered an unintentional illegal eyepoke that he wasn’t able to recover from.

Round One:

A couple of early kicks from Munhoz. Cautious opening minute here. O’Malley misses with a couple of front kicks and Munhoz lands two calf kicks.

Inside leg kick from Munhoz. O’Malley tries to come over the top with a punch. More calf kicks for Munhoz. Leg kick from O’Malley now, but Munhoz lands another one of his own soon after.

O’Malley yet to really find his range so far despite the big height and reach advantage. Spinning back kick from him comes up short. Munhoz continues to chip away with kicks.

Front kick to the body finally lands for O’Malley and then lands a right hand. Another body kick attempt from O’Malley, but it strays to the groin and forces a stoppage.

Back to it they go. left hand for O’Malley and several leg kicks in a row from Munhoz.

Leg kick for O’Malley and one from Munhoz. Feints from O’Malley. Munhoz attempts a head kick without success.

Another calf kick from Munhoz and a body kick from O’Malley. Spinning back kick lands to the midsection this time from O’Malley.

Spinning head kick attempt from Munhoz misses. Spinning body kick lands for O’Malley as the round is drawing to a conclusion.

Round Two:

A couple of missed kicks from Munhoz. Front kick to the body from O’Malley partially lands. O’Malley misses with a left hand but connects with the right behind it. He tries for a spinning kick upstairs too that comes up short.

Body kick from Munhoz. Calf kick from Munhoz. A couple of punches from range for O’Malley. He lands a right hand. Munhoz responds with an inside leg kick.

Another inside leg kick from Munhoz. Front kick to the body from O’Malley. Jab gets through for him too. Feints from O’Malley. An eyepoke from him as his opponents presses forward forces another stoppage to give Munhoz time to recover.

Unfortunately it looks like this was a bad one for Munhoz as a doctor is called and he tells him he’s seeing only black out of the eye that was poked.

Soon after it’s decided that Munhoz is unfit to continue and so at 3.09mins of the second round the fight is declared a no-contest.

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