Serghei Spivac TKO’s Augusto Sakai In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 40

Serghei Spivac dominated Augusto Sakai tonight at UFC On ESPN 40 on his way to a second round TKO Victory.

Round One:

Jab from Spivac gets through the guard. Now he drives into a takedown and lands it. Sakai quickly up, but Spivac is immediately threatening with a guillotine choke.

Sakai gets free of that submission attempt, but is then taken down again by Spivac in the center of the Octagon.

Spivac landing a few ground and pound blows and moves to side control. Sakai trying to get back up. He’s one knee as Spivac drops down some punches, then he stands.

Spivac able to clinch to the back and drags Sakai back down to one knee. Sakai up again with Spivac now pressing him into the cage. Sakai turns away from the cage, but then is taken down yet again.

Sakai turtled up and Spivac lands a few blows and then takes his back. Sakai struggling back to his feet under fire and then Spivac looks for a rear-naked choke. Sakai gets free of it and lands a knee to the body from close range.

Now he gets back out to striking range. Spivac lands a solid punch and then goes back into the clinch against the cage. Sakai trying to land knees without really finding the mark. As Sakai heads back to his corner he has a significant contusion to the right side of his head near the temple.

Round Two:

Solid punch lands for Spivac. He lands the jab again. Spivac goes into the clinch and tries for a trip, but it doesn’t pay off and they go back to striking range.

Sakai looking to let his hands go. Spivac lands his jab and then gets a takedown. Spivac in half-guard. Sakai scrambles and stands back up, pressing Spivac into the cage as he thinks about a takedown of his own.

However, Spivac then manages to land a trip throw and starts landing hammerfists from half-guard. Sakai gets to his knees and turtles up as Spivac lands a few punches.

The ref warns the increasingly bloodied Sakai to show him something and to his credit he does immediately try to battle back to his feet, though without success.

Spivac starts landing more punches and a few hammerfists seal the deal, with the ref stepping in to wave off the fight and confirm his TKO victory at 3.42mins of the second round.

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