Shavkat Rakhmanov KO’s Carlston Harris In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 200

Shavkat Rakhmanov continued to impress tonight at UFC Fight Night 200 with a knockout victory over Carlston Harris that began with a spinning hook kick.

Round One

Leg kick from Harris. Nice jab from Rakhmanov as Harris tries for another kick. Inside leg kick from Harris.

One-two for Rakhmanov. Body kick now. Winging hook from Harris and a front kick upstairs both miss.

Jab for Rakhmanov. Grazing uppercut from Rakhmanov as Harris swings hard without much defense. Body punch from Harris. Spinning kick from Rakhmanov to the body.

Rakhmanov working for a takedown from the clinch and Harris is preventing it for now. Rakhmanov working hard for the takedown and Harris does well to keep on the his feet from that and now it’s his turn to press his opponent in the cage.

Beautiful throw from Rakhmanov to get on top, but Harris also does well to immediately get back to his feet and back to striking range.

Spinning hook kick from Rakhmanov lands enough to drop Harris to the mat. He immediately starts lands big ground and pound punches and two clean blows secure an impressive KO finish at 4.10mins of the first round.

Rakhmanov has now won all three of his UFC fights and is undefeated in his 15 fights MMA career to date, and this victory will only add to the belief that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with at welterweight.

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