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Siyar Bahadurzada Stops Rob Wilkinson By TKO At UFC Fight Night 115

Siyar Bahadurzada added another big finish to his collection tonight with a second round TKO victory over Rob Wilkinson at UFC Fight Night 115 in Rotterdam.

Round One:

Leg kick for the newcomer Wilkinson to start. Push kick for Wilkinson. Back to the leg kick then a head kick attempt, but Bahadurzada is able to bundle his opponent to the mat off of that.

However, it’s not long before Wilkinson is quickly back up and immediately starts looking to strike again. Nice leg kick from him. Bahadurzada with a couple of big right hooks and Wilkinson responds with a kick.

Both men exchange knees in the clinch and then Wilkinson lands a takedown. Bahadurzada right up again though and they are back in the clinch.

Wilkinson looking to get Bahadurzada back down again, but even on one leg he remains standing for now. Bahadurzada lands a left hook as he moves out of danger.

Jab for Wilkinson. Body kick for Bahadurzada and Wilkinson sinks down, whether from the impact or just a week attempt for the takedown. Bahadurzada goes in looking for a d’arce choke, but it doesn’t pay off and Wilkinson defends and then stands, moving quickly into the clinch again.

Nice takedown from Wilkinson and has Bahadurzada’s back. Bahadurzada still manages to get back upright though. Wilkinson remains clinched to his back and lands a solid knee before the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Wilkinson. He misses with a lunging punch, but Bahadurzada can’t land on the counter either. Another low kick for Wilkinson.

Another overreached punch from Wilkinson misses. Bahadurzada misses on a big uppercut. Jab for Wilkinson. Now a one-two.

Bahadurzada tries for a head kick, but it looks tired. Nasty right hand for Bahadurzada lands and seemed to weaken Wilkinson’s legs for a moment.

Wilkinson with the jab. Bahadurzada wades forward with strikes, but doesn’t find the target. Another missed punch from Wilkinson almost allows Bahadurzada to capitalize.

Big right hook from Bahadurzada and Wilkinson drops to the mat. He’s back up again, but still hurt and Bahadurzada is looking for the finish. Another big punch sends Wilkinson thumping hard back down to the mat. The ref could have stopped it there and then, but instead Bahadurzada is allowed to land some more big right hands before the fight is finally ended by way of TKO.

It’s a shame we’ve not seen more of Bahadurzada over the past few years as he’s definitely got something to offer and has big power in those fists.

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