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Sodiq Yusuff TKO’s Gabriel Benitez In First Round At UFC 241

‘Super’ Sodiq Yusuff continued to impress tonight at UFC 241 with a first round TKO victory over a game Gabriel Benitez.

Round One:

One-two from Benitez but he’s caught by a heavy counter from Yusuff. They are trading early here and Yusuff is landing big punches. he lands another hard one.

Yusuff continuing to press forward here as Benitez touches his eye which is cut already. Another good connection from Yusuff.

Knee from Benitez and a leg kick. Leg kick for Yusuff. left hand for Benitez. Yusuff with a leg kick.

Another kick from Benitez, but it’s partially caught. Yusuff lands a leg kick. Benitez returns it. Head kick blocked from yusuff and then from Benitez.

Jab for Yusuff. Left hand from Benitez. Big left from Benitez drops Yusuff, but he’s quickly back up. Front kick from Benitez to the body. Hard right hand for Yusuff. Leg kick for Benitez.

left hook for Yusuff. Another two hooks. Jab for Benitez. Sharp left for Benitez snaps Yusuff’s head back. left hand for Benitez, but then a right hand counter from Yusuff floors Benitez!

Yusuff straight onto the grounded Benitez and lands hammerfists, causing his opponent to turn away, at which point the referee steps in to wave this fight off, handing yusuff the TKO victory at 4.14mins of the first round.

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