Song Yadong TKO’s Ricky Simon In 5th Round At UFC Fight Night 223

Song Yadong capped off an impressive display of his sharp striking tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 223 by TKO’ing Ricky Simon in the final round.

Round One:

The bantamweight main event is underway in Las Vegas!

Early kick from Simon whiffs the target. He kicks to the head but it’s blocked.

Calf kick from Simon. Simon reaches for a single-leg, but Yadong steers clear of that. Yadong lands a leg kick.

Body kick for Simon. Now a right hand from him. Solid body kick from Yadong. Now a body kick from Simon that’s almost caught.

One-two for Simon. Leg kick from Yadong. Double-jab and a right hand for Simon. Yadong loads up on a big hook but misses and they clinch up and jockey for position. Yadong manages to turn Simon into the cage, but they break away soon after.

Right hand from Simon. Now a calf kick from him. Front kick to the body from Simon and a punch from Yadong.

Swing and a miss from Simon on a big hook. calf kick for Yadong. Now a grazing right hand and a couple of missed head kick attempts.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body from Yadong. Now a calf kick. Simon pumps out the jab. He lands it again. Again with the jab.

A clash of heads drops Simon. He immediately drives up working for a double-leg and manages to get Yadong down, but is unable to keep him there for long.

Jab for Simon. Ripping punches to the body from Yadong. Now a calf kick from him. Front kick to the body. Hard left hand from Yadong and Simon ducked into that one.

Another punch lands for Yadong. Simon prods out with the jab. Yadong punches to the body. Leg kick for him. He works to the body again.

Simon misses with a powerful straight. Winging hook from Yadong just misses. Hard left hook to the body from Yadong.

Simon suddenly lands a takedown in the center of the Octagon. He starts landing ground-and-pound and Yadong is trying to land strikes of his own from his back, then is scrambling back to his feet as the round ends.

Round Three:

Low kick for Yadong. Simon lands a takedown, but Yadong does well to get free and back to his feet immediately.

Back at striking range Yadong lands a couple of punches. Jab for Simon. Yadong with an uppercut to the body, but it strays to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go again. Head kick attempt from Yadong is blocked. Simon steps in with punches that just come up short.

leg kick for Yadong. Simon drives into a takedown and Yadong steers clear of that. Yadong feeling out with punches but not connecting.

Missed head kick and spinning head kick from Yadong. left hook to the body from Yadong. Two calf kicks from him.

Hard right hand for Yadong. Jab for Simon but then he eats a heavier punch in return from Yadong.

Yadong catches Simon with a counter as he stepped in. Yadong works to the body. Grazing left hook for him. Missed head kick and spinning backfist from Yadong.

Round Four:

Nice one-two for Simon. solid calf kick for Yadong. Now one from Simon without as much steam behind it. Jumping knee attempt from Simon doesn’t pay off.

Heavy body punch from Yadong and threatens with a knee. jab for Simon, but Yadong works a right hand on the counter.

Jab from Yadong. Simon attempts a takedown that doesn’t pay off and then goes into another one and then again, but Yadong continues to steer clear and keep the fight on the feet.

Punches from Yadong come off the guard. calf kick for him. Simon with punches that comes up short. Solid punches from Yadong. Jab for Simon.

Good right hook counter from Yadong. Calf kick from Yadong is checked. Yadong avoids a flurry of punches with head movement.

Jab for Yadong. Hook from him. left hand gets through for Simon. Now a straight right from Yadong. Back to the jab for Simon. He lands it again.

Spinning kick from Yadong misses. Simon coming forward and Yadong lures him into a great left hook that floors him just as the round comes to an end.

Round Five:

Jab for Simon. He lands it again. Now a right hand. Right hook from Yadong lands well.

Simon looks to fire back but a great left hand counter hook from Yadong floors Simon. Yadong follows him to the mat and hhammers him with punches. Simon trying to scramble away, but Yadong stays on him and lands again to seal the TKO victory at 1.10mins of the final round.

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