Stephen Thompson Defeats Vicente Luque By Unanimous Decision At UFC 244

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson

Stephen Thompson put on another striking masterclass tonight at UFC 244 as he defeated Vicente Luque by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Missed leg kick from Luque to start. Now he lands one to the thigh and then one low. Leg kick in return from Thompson and another from Luque.

More light leg kicks from Luque. Luque presses forward but gets caught by a counter punch. Thompson with a jab.

More leg kicks for Luque on that front leg. Luque just misses with a punch as Thompson backs up. Very close to landing there.

Thompson lands a jab as he moves back again. Another punch lands, this time as he comes forward. Now a kick for Thompson as he starts to settle into this fight.

Light punch for Luque and then a kick to the body. Nice right hand for THompson and then Luque presses forward throwing punches. Thompson lands.

Luque being aggressive here again and it pays off as he catches Thompson. Thompson might be hurt here and Luque continues to press forward. Thompson survives though and starts to put more heat behind his own punches now to regain respect here.

Jumping body kick from Luque. Luque got some blood around the eye, but he’s putting together some aggressive offense here and landing more than we’re used to seeing against ‘Wonderboy’.

Thompson rising to the challenge here though as he starts to pick out some solid punches and even a combination mixing in a nice kick in with his hands.

Round Two:

Jab for Thompson. Side kick from him to the body. Luque coming up a little short with his body kicks.

Right hand over the top from Thompson. Now an explosive left hand for Thompson. He lands a jab now. leg kick for Luque and a one-two for Stephens.

Head kick attempt from Thompson. Punch lands for Luque. One-two stepping from Thompson. Luque pressing forwad, but Thompson firing back as he steps backwards.

Body kick from Thompson. Steps into another one-two. Right hand for Thompson. Side kick from Thompson sends Luque off-balance and rolling backwards on the mat then back up. They touch gloves after that.

Thompson lands again and hurts Luque. Thompson with a series of punches against the cage. Now a wheel kick. Luque in trouble, but then he lands and keeps things interesting in this fun fight.

Thompson with another good kick to the body. Luque’s face is increasingly red. Punch for Luque and a side kick to the body from Thompson.

Solid jab for Thompson. Another left hand for him now. He lands good left hands here and a right too. Luque connecting as well. Superman punch from Luque. Hard wheel kick attempt from Thompson is blocked.

Leg kick for Luque. Thompson darts into range with a good left hand. Another hard connection from Thompson, but Luque eats it well in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Side kick to the body from Thompson. He lands a jab. Fade away jab now. Body kick for Luque. Left hand gets through for Thompson.

Now a right hand. Another side kick from Thompson puts Luque on the mat. He gets back up, but then Thompson lands a big punch and floors him hard.

Thompson landing more punches on the mat trying to get a finish, but Luque survives and Thompson allows him to stand.

Glancing right hand over the top from Thompson. Now a side kick to the body. Head kick attempt. jab now, and again.

Again the crisp right hand. Two left hands and then a front kick to the body. High kick attempt. Body kick for Luque.

Thompson mobile and working the jab. Leg kick for Thompson now. More punches from Thompson. Left hand for Luque. Now a hook connects for him. Right hand for Luque and then a left.

90 seconds remaining. Overhand right just glances the target from Luque. Right hand for Thompson. Straight right for Thompson seems to wobble Luque for a moment.

Now a right hand from Thompson and Luque is definitely struggling a bit, but hanging in there. SPinning body kick from Thompson.

Another side kick to the body for Wonderboy and then a hook kick. Now a right hand. He lands clean left. Head kick attempt from Thompson is blocked and that’s the final action of a fun fight.


Terrific striking display from Thompson here and real toughness from Luque too as he survives the full three rounds. No doubt about the winner though, ‘Wonderboy’ earns a unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 29-27).

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