Stephen Thompson Reacts To His First Ever Knockout Loss

Stephen Thompson suffered his first ever knockout loss at the hands of Anthony Pettis on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 148, and later he spoke to fans about it directly from a hospital bed where he was being treated for injuries he sustained during the bout.

“I’m at the hospital, I just got knocked out,” Thompson said on a live Facebook video. “I don’t even remember a dang thing. All I just remember is punching him in the face, his nose bleeding, and then I wake up in the back. … But I’m okay, everything’s good.

“Crap happens, you know? It happens, especially when you’re in this sport long enough.”

Nevertheless, several times during the chat Thompson went back to the fact that this was his first ever KO defeat in 80 fights across multiple combat sport disciplines.

“Out of how many years of fighting, I’ve never been knocked out. 80 fights, I’ve never been knocked out. Why does it have to be this time? Dang it. … I know, I was fighting a 155er and he puts me out. What the heck?”

For the most part Thompson seemed to be taking the loss well though, and can take some comfort from the fact that up until the stunning superman punch from Pettis he had in fact appeared to be in control of the striking battle between them.

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