Tagir Ulanbekov Submits Nate Maness With 1st Round Choke At UFC Fight Night 214

Tagir Ulanbekov made short work of Nate Maness tonight at UFC Fight Night 214, landing an early takedown and then sinking in a guillotine finish when his opponent tried to get back up.

Round One:

Glancing right hook from Maness. Kick from Ulanbekov and he ducks under a punch. Punch to the body from Maness as Ulanbekov looks for a counter.

Leg kick for Maness. Ulanbekov goes for a takedown and after a brief struggle lands it. Maness lands an elbow strike from his back. Now a punch and tries to get space with his legs, but Ulanbekov keeps him down.

Ulanbekov stacking Ulanbekov up against the cage and looks to transition, but Maness stands up. However, as he does so Ulanbekov sinks in a guillotine choke.

It’s a tight choke and Maness can’t fend it off so he’s forced to tap out at 2.11mins of the opening round.

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