Tecia Torres Defeats Michelle Waterson By Unanimous Decision At UFC 218

Tecia Torres notched up another win tonight at UFC 218 in a closely fought encounter with Michelle Waterson.

Round One:

Waterson with a head kick attempt to start and Torres avoids it and pushes forward with punches. They quickly rest in the center of the Octagon and look to exchange again.

Waterson in on a takedown attempt, gets Torres down and then hops on her back when she tries to stand. Torres stays upright and Waterson comes back down, remaining in the clinch as they go to the cage.

Torres manages to nevigate out of the clinch and starts landing a few punches. Waterson with a kick to the body as they seperate.

Right hand for Waterson. Body kick for her. Left hand gets through for Torres. Three-piece combo for TT. In the clinch now Torres lands a few knees and uppercuts, then whips Waterson over to the cage and continues to work knees and elbows.

Torres roughing up Waterson nicely and then ‘The Karate Hottie’ clips her with a strike of her own as she breaks free. However, Torres comes straight back into the clinch again. Waterson with a knee upstairs though and one to the body before getting out.

Head kick attempt for Waterson and Torres lands a counter punch. Torres back into the clinch again. Doesn’t have that position for long though. Waterson with a side kick attempt to the head. She tries it again and misses, which enables Torres to clinch against the cage again. Final seconds of the round and Torres starts to tee off on Waterson with a flurry of punches.

Round Two:

Early clinch opportunity in the center of the cage as Waterson looks to land knees. Torres connects with punches though as they go back to fighting at range.

Suddenly Waterson goes for a head and arm throw and lands it, ending up on top in Torres’ guard. She moves into half-guard and is hoping to pass again, but for now Torres keeps it at bay and thinks about a kimura submission.

Torres readjusts and goes again for the kimura. It’s a better attempt this time and she’s looking for a reversal with this, but Waterson keeps a solid base and escapes, while retaining top control.

Now Torres throws up her legs looking for a triangle choke. She’s slowly putting this attempt together, but Waterson is calmly dealing with it and as Torres tries to convert for armbar, allowing her to take side control towards the end of the round.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt from Torres is blocked. Two-piece combo for Torres. Overhand right lands for Waterson. Waterson moves into the clinch, but Torres is the stronger from this position and is able to reverse Waterson into the cage.

They separate and Torres lands a clean right hand. Another right hand gets through. now a right from Waterson. She tries a head kick, but is off-balance.

A couple of big right hooks for Torres and then into the clinch. She steps away. Another right over the top from Torres. Body kick for Torres.

Punch knocks Waterson off-balance to the mat, but Waterson then lands an upkick as she comes in. Waterson trying to get up and Torres takes her back. She’s high on Waterson’s back though and in danger of slipping off. However, she’s able to adjust and flattens ‘The Karate Hottie’ out.

Torres starting to rain down a series of right hands and Waterson can’t get out. She does manage to roll to her back momentarily though which keeps the ref at bay. Then she manages to turn and get on top in the final seconds of the round.


Competitive fight then, but Torres was generally edging the exchanges and she emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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