Tim Elliott Beats Victor Altamirano By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 46

Tim Elliott used his superior ground game to get the better of Victor Altamirano on the scorecards tonight at UFC On ESPN 46.

Round One:

Body kick for Altamirano who gets off to a fast start with more kicks, only to then be brought down by Elliott in the center of the Octagon.

Elliott in half-guard with practically the full round to work here. Altamirano trying to land strikes from his back and interestingly Elliott opts to back off and let him stand.

Altamirano throws a kick and Elliott catches it and again brings him back down in the middle of the Octagon.

Elliott in full guard this time and Altamirano is still trying to be active from his back. Elliott with a little ground-and-pound but staying mindful that Altamirano is trying to set up a possible triangle choke.

Elliott starting to get more active with his ground-and-pound. Altamirano trying to find an armbar, but Elliott adjusts.

Elliott pauses for a few seconds and then lands a few elbows to the head. Elliott stacks up and drops down with the elbow again. Again he stacks and throws a few more punches to end the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Altamirano and then a big punch. Elliott working for a takedown and scrambles to secure top position.

Elliott rubbing his elbow into his opponent’s face. Now light punches. Altamirano able to scramble back to his feet now and immediately looks for aggressive strikes and lands a kick upstairs.

Elliott responds by trying for a takedown, but it’s Altamirano who ends up on top. Altamirano in half-guard and then Elliott scrambles back to his feet.

Altamirano lands another takedown, but Elliott is back up quickly. Big punch from Elliott. Elliott swings and misses, but then uses his momentum to work into a takedown and gets it.

Altamirano on his side here as Elliott stays heavy on him. Now into his guard and Elliott postures then goes back in tight as Altamirano was fishing for any sign of a submission opportunity. Elliott opts to just stay in control on top in the final 10 seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Altamirano. Elliott bizarrely hopping towards him on one leg. Now Elliott is circling and then lands a big punch.

Altamirano with a head kick that grazes the target. Elliott has to duck under a spinning head kick and then lands a takedown close to the cage.

Elliott in Altamirano’s guard and has him pressed awkwardly up against the cage. Elliott stacks up and lands rapid-fire light punches.

Grinding work from Elliott here and then Altamirano is able to stand back up. Elliott with a punch and Altamirano throws a kick upstairs in response.

Slapping kick upstairs from Altamirano. He lands a couple of nice punches and continues to drive forward, but Elliott brings him back down.

40 seconds remaining as Elliott is back in his opponent’s full guard and starting to get busy with ground-and-pound to seal the round in his favor.


Elliott made good use of his superior ground game to get the better of Altamirano in all three rounds here and earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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