Tim Means Beats Alex Garcia By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 112

Tim Means picked up a unanimous decision victory over Alex Garcia tonight at UFC Fight Night 112 in Oklahoma.

Round One:

Garcia with a jab. Now a combination lands. Front kick to the body for Garcia lands to the chest. Body punch for Means.

Another punch to the midsection from Means. Garcia unleashing a big flurry of strikes including an uppercut that connects hard. Dangerous moments for Means there.

Garcia stuffs a takedown and lands a knee from the clinch before breaking away. Solid leg kick for Means.

Leg kick for Means. Overhand for Garcia misses. Body punch for Garcia then a left hook lands. Means lands a punch to Garcia’s upper body.

Another lunging punch to the body from Means. He does so again. Garcia looking to load up on some big strikes, but not finding the mark.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Means. He lands the jab too. Back to the body from Means. Not much happening from Garcia so far in this round and his punches are coming up short when he does throw.

However, Garcia does move into a takedown attempt, but Means defends it well as they moves across the cage. They separate with Garcia landing a punch on the way out.

Garcia with a right hand. Body punch for Means. And again. Solid left hand lands clean for Means. He knew that one hurt and taunts Garcia afterwards.

Another left to the head from Garcia and then one to the body for good measure. Push kick to the midsection from Means. Body kick from Garcia.

One-two for Garcia. Final 30 seconds of the round and the crowd are getting a little restless. Spinning backfist misses for Garcia.

Body kick from Garcia and then tries to follow up with a spinning kick that doesn’t connect.

Round Three:

Garcia reaches for a takedown, but Means stays away. Garcia in again on the takedown and he does land it, but Means uses the whizzer to defend that throw and he gets back to his feet straight away.

Garcia misses an uppercut and eats a left hand from Means. Another left hand gets through for Means during an exchange.

Body punch for Means and then one upstairs. The jab is landing too. Garcia misses with a couple of heavy punches at the half-way mark of the final round.

Punch to the body for Means. Mean’s left hand keeps Garcia at range. Garcia with a solid body kick. Garcia with a combination and lands a nice right hand in there.

Low leg kick from Means. Spinning backfist from Garcia misses. Short flurry of strikes is mostly defended by Means. Jumping front kick from Garcia misses. Means lands with a jumping knee upstairs though. Kicks from Means in the final seconds.


Means used his range well in this fight and showed the better cardio over the course of three rounds as he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).


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