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TJ Dillashaw TKO’s Cody Garbrandt In First Round At UFC 227

Round One:

The main event bantamweight title fight is underway at UFC 227 in Los Angeles!

Missed leg kick from Dillashaw to start. High body kick from Garbrandt. Front kick to the body from him. Body kick for Dillashaw.

Fast flurry of punches comes up short from Dillashaw, but lands a kick. He ducks under a punch from Dillashaw.

Two short punches from Garbrandt and a counter from Dillashaw in return. Body punch from Dillashaw. Exchange of strikes.

Both fighters land almost simultaneously with punches and it’s Dillashaw who staggers backwards, but recovers instantly.

Leg kick for Dillashaw. Kick from Dillashaw, but Garbrandt hurts him. Garbrandt pressing forward and Dillashaw connects and drops Garbrandt! He looks to get back up, but Dillashaw keeps him down.

Garbrandt back up, but looks a little unsteady still. He’s still swinging though, but Dillashaw looks the crisper striker at this stage.

Right hook from Dillashaw and it sends Dillashaw reeling against the cage and another puts him down. Garbrandt trying to hang on in there but he’s badly rocked now. Dillashaw stands up against the cage and unleashes a huge knee upstairs and it stops him in his tracks.

Another flurry of punches follows and the referee has seen enough, saving the wobbled Garbrandt from more punishment as he waves off teh fight for a TKO finish at 4.10mins of the first round.

incredible stuff from Dillashaw then to retain his title and defeat his most bitter rival for a second time.

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