Tom Duquesnoy Defeats Terrion Ware By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 127

Tom Duquesnoy got back to winning way at UFC Fight night 127 today, but Terrion Ware pushed him hard to earn his unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Duquesnoy with a hard low kick to start. Now a nice right hand and leg kick behind it. Ware with a low kick of his own now. Duquesnoy tries to feel out with a front kick upstairs.

Duquesnoy with another leg kick. A flurry of punches and another kick from him. Body kick for Ware. Duquesnoy with a powerful kick, really putting power into these chopping strikes to the leg of his opponent.

More of the same from Duquesnoy, but so far Ware seems unphased by his opponent’s busy start. One of his kicks does knock himself off-balance to the floor, but he springs straight back up.

Duquesnoy with a head kick, but Ware takes it well. He ducks under Ware’s offense and takes his back, then looks to hoist him into the air, but Ware keeps his balance to prevent the takedown.

Punch from Duquesnoy. He loads up on a right hand, but it just grazes past Ware’s head. Again with chopping kicks to the lead leg. One-two for Ware.

Ware with a body punch and a counter from Duquesnoy. Nice knee upstairs from Ware. Ware manages to catch a kick and get Duquesnoy down and lands a few elbow strikes to end the round.

Round Two:

Lead leg kick from Duquesnoy. Now a body kick. Duquesnoy continuing to nicely utilize a leg kick behind his punches. Ware starting to try to pick up the pace though as he lets his hands go with a little more frequency. Now it’s Ware who has the center of the Octagon, but Duquesnoy is utilizing head movement and lands a nice right-hand counter.

More punches and a hard kick from Duquesnoy. He’s picking his moments to strike now though, whereas in the first round he was all offense.

Nice little combination from Ware. Now its Duquensoy landing a hard counter. Ware with a body punch and Duquesnoy lands a harder one in response.

Uppercut from Ware and a counter punch from Duquesnoy. Duquesnoy launches in on the attack, but takes a groin strike in the process and requires a minute to recover.

They exchange punches on the restart at close range and then both men look for leg kicks. Ware tries for a takedown that doesn’t work out. Duquesnoy tries to bring him to the mat, but it’s a botched attempt and Ware does well to end on top. Ware starting to work some ground and pound in teh final 30 seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Left hand and a leg kick from Duquesnoy to start. Head kick attempt from Ware that’s blocked. Punches and another low kick for Duquesnoy and they continue to look hurtful, but Ware eats them up.

Right hand gets through for Ware. Duquesnoy definitely has less spring in his step compared to the first round, but is still working at a decent pace.

Ware looks for a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off. Body punch and the low kick for Duquesnoy. Right hook for Ware. He’s continuing to pressure and get in Duquesnoy’s face.

Left hand lands for Duquesnoy. Head kick attempt from Ware. Both men starting to miss punches now. Right hand gets through for Ware.

Right hand for Duquesnoy. Single leg attempt from Ware and gets Duquesnoy for just a split second. Back on the feet Ware is continuing to be the busier of the two. Duquesnoy tries one last little flurry of punches and a kick.


Duquesnoy started this fight very brightly, but Ware showed excellent durability and began to turn the screw in the latter stages of the fight as the Frenchman showed signs of fading. The judges are unanimous in their decision though and see it in Duquesnoy’s favor (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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