Tony Ferguson Defeats Anthony Pettis By TKO In Bloody Battle At UFC 229

TOny Ferguson showed why he’s one of the most entertaining fighters in the game tonight at UFC 229 with a thrilling TKO victory over Anthony Pettis due to a corner stoppage prior to the third round.

Round One:

Front kicks to the body from Ferguson to start. Pettis working leg kicks. Body kick for Pettis as FErguson steps into range.

Leg kick for Ferguson. Push kick for Ferguson. Pettis sticking out the jab. Leg kick for Ferguson. Push kick. Jab for him and then back to the front kick to the body.

Punch lands for Pettis. Low leg kick for Ferguson now. Lots of pressure here from Ferguson and he just avoids a kick. Counter right for Ferguson as Pettis lands a leg kick.

Punches for Ferguson who is continually marching down Pettis here. Front kick to the body and another kick behind it. Spinning backfist from Ferguson just misses. left hand lands. Overhand right from Pettis connects twice.

Two big right hands for Ferguson land in the final seconds of the round and Pettis will have been glad to hear the horn there.

Round Two:

Ferguson rushes forward and immediately lands a kick. Pettis lands a right hook and Ferguson is hurt. Pettis landing and Ferguson is in real trouble and rolls to try to escape being hurt further.

Pettis continues to pursue him on the mat though, but Ferguson lands to the top of his head and opens a cut. Exciting action here that’s broken up momentarily so a doctor can check on Pettis’ cut, but he’s fine to continue.

Ferguson also bleeding but grinning broadly as they get ready to restart. Pettis with a wild spinning kick attack, goes off-balance in the process and then has to avoid and incoming attack from Ferguson in response.

Ferguson back to pressuring Pettis again and landing strikes. PEttis with his back against the cage as Ferguson works to the head and body.

Ferguson with another strike and Pettis backs up across the cage. Ferguson starting to pick Pettis apart here, but then the former champion throws some firepower himself to let him know he’s still in teh fight.

Pettis’ face is streaked with blood. Ferguson with some very good punches and even sneaks in elbows in there too. His output rate is far higher here, but Pettis is still dangerous when he fires back. Pettis tries for a crazy cartwheel kick that isn’t effective and he ends up on his knees with Ferguson landing punches down on him in the final seconds of the round.

Inbetween rounds Pettis’ coach Duke Roufus sounds very concerned about his long-time student. He’s asking him if he can continue. Pettis says his hand is broken. Roufus clearly not happy with the idea of Pettis continuing and waves off the fight, handing Ferguson the TKO victory at 5.00mins of the second round.

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